Locates are often done in a wide area around where work may be undertaken, they do not necessarily mean that there will be work performed in front of your property. Notice for planned work will be provided to affected residents by the utility, City Division or contractor performing the work.

Municipal Consent Requirements (MCR)- use of the public right-of-way - utilities

White pavement markings are made by Transportation Services and indicate road & sidewalk repairs to be done.

  • Blue = watermains/services located
  • Green = Force main sewers located

Other coloured pavement markings ONLY indicate what utility service has been located, it does not indicate the type of work to be done.

  • Orange = Bell Canada lines located ("bt" also used), "Catv" = Rogers Cable
  • Yellow = Gas lines located
  • Red flags or paint = Toronto Hydro lines located.

For information about orange, yellow locates, contact the appropriate organization who may be able to provide more information on why they have marked their services. Further details may not always be released for privacy reasons.


Red - Electricity (Toronto Hydro)
Yellow - Gas lines
_______ Orange - Bell Canada, bt = Bell CanadaCATV = Rogers Cable
Blue - Watermains
Green - Forcemain Sewers , Storm Drains
Pink - Survey markings
White - Proposed Excavation (road & sidewalk repairs)