Notice: Due to COVID-19, investigation of idling complaints is suspended at this time.

No person shall allow a vehicle to idle for more than 1 minute in a sixty-minute period.

The complainant must provide the following information when filing a complaint:

  • license plate number
  • location where the infraction is taking place
  • approximately how long was the vehicle idling
  • time of day - pattern (i.e every Tuesday at 10:30 etc)

A bylaw Officer will attend and issue a notice and an information brochure to the offender. In the majority of cases this will stop the infractions from taking place.

To report Idling vehicles, contact 311 to submit a service request.

Idling bylaw: City of Toronto Municipal Code Chapter 517 Idling of Vehicles and Boats:

Fines: The bylaw provides for fines from $105.00 (plus $25.00 provincial surcharge and a $5.00 court fee) up to a maximum of $5000.00 for infractions of the bylaw.

For more information on the Idling Control By-law, please visit the website.