For areas of the City that DO NOT receive sidewalk snow clearing service (ie. in Toronto & East York, York, and parts of the Etobicoke and North York districts) property owners are required to clear their sidewalks of snow within 12 hours after a storm has taken place.

If you have a concern about a property owner (in an area that does not receive City snow clearing service) that is not clearing the snow from their sidewalks, please contact 311 to submit a service request for investigation by Right-of-Way Management.

Given the vast area of the districts and limited enforcement staff, it is very difficult to pro-actively monitor compliance. Therefore the program, except for high profile problem areas, is largely complaint-driven.

If a problem is identified, the owner is given a notice seeking their co-operation in clearing the walk. If compliance is not achieved in this manner, the City will clear the walk and charge the cost to the owner. Further information on fines for not clearing the sidewalk can be found by visiting the City of Toronto website under the tab "What Home Owners & Business Owners Must Do"

In areas that DO receive sidewalk snow clearing service from the City, it is hoped that all property owners will remove minor accumulations of less than (8 cm during Nov, Dec, March & 2 cm during Jan and Feb) where sidewalk ploughs may not be called out and/or icy conditions that may develop as a result of freeze/thaw cycles, after the City sidewalk ploughing has been completed. But individuals are NOT required to clear the snow from their sidewalks. (as per Toronto Municipal Code, Chapter 719-2 (C) of the bylaw)

TMC Chapter 719 - Snow and Ice Removal

Section; 719-2. B. After the removal of snow and ice, if any portion of the sidewalk becomes slippery
from any cause, the owner or occupant must immediately and as often as necessary apply to the sidewalk ashes, sand, salt or some other suitable material so as to completely cover the slippery surface.

TMC Chapter 548 - Section 3 (A) - Littering and depositing refuse prohibited

Visiting the City of Toronto website to view a map of where sidewalks are mechanically cleared.

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