The minimum speed limit set by the City of Toronto on some public streets is 30km/h. With respect to the implementation of maximum speed limits on its roadways, the City does generally follow the following guidelines:

20 km/h - public parks (e.g., Exhibition Place and High Park)

30 km/hr - streets with traffic calming devices (e.g., speed humps) installed; or local roads approved by Community Council in the absence of traffic calming

40 km/h -, local and collector roads adjacent to schools, parks, and in neighbourhood communities

50 km/h - local and collector roads - this is the default speed limit in the City in the absence of signage (Note: Signs are posted at all entry points to the City from major roadways, to advise to this effect)

60 km/h - busy collector and arterial roadways

70/80 km/h - controlled access arterials (i.e., busy arterial roads accessing or egressing highways like portions of Hwy 27 and the W.R. Allen Expressway)

90 km/h - controlled access highways/expressways (e.g., most of F.G. Gardiner Expressway and Don Valley Parkway)

100 km/h - the maximum speed limit that can be imposed by the City (e.g., westernmost portion of F.G. Gardiner Expressway)