In non-parking permit areas

The Toronto Police Parking Enforcement Unit allows for short duration parking consideration under a variety of circumstances upon request of individuals or groups.

Consideration numbers are issued which permit withdrawal of infractions involving prohibited parking areas, expired meters, three hour limit or parking in excess of permitted time.

You can call the Police Customer Service/Parking Consideration line, any time, seven days a week and leave a message and phone number where you can be reached during the day. Someone will return your call during business hours, Monday to Friday.


  • There is no parking consideration for offences such as No Standing, No Stopping, stopping on sidewalks and parking on boulevards, in front of fire hydrants, in fire routes, rush hour routes and permit parking streets
  • Transportation Services, Road Operation carries out surface maintenance and utility cut repair related work. Under the scope of this type of work the City does not have planned work locations and does not occupy any site for a longer period of time. The contractor is constantly moving. The work area is the ward limit. Therefore, the City requires the contractor to provide the affected parties with construction notices 48 hours prior to the start of the work and if their vehicle needs to be displaced from the driveways or parking pads due to construction activities, then there are instructions in the construction notices for them to park their vehicles on the roadway with the construction notice displayed in the windshield. The homeowner must abide by all applicable regulations and bylaws for parking on the roadway and are not exempt from that. However, if you receive a parking ticket, then you can make arrangements for the City inspector to collect the tickets from you to get it cancelled through Parking Enforcement. Due to staffing and cost implications, it is not feasible to arrange parking consideration through Parking Enforcement for short term work.

More information on parking is available on the City of Toronto website.

In permit parking areas

There is NO parking consideration for permit parking streets. You must apply for a temporary parking permit.

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