Before inquiring about a CurbTO location, please review the helpful tips and information available on managing customer line-ups and queuing below.

Curb Lane Pedestrian Zones are designed to provide additional space for customer lineups/queuing if all other options have been carefully considered. In order to best support prevailing public health direction and guidance, locations will be investigated for their potential on a case-by-case basis.  Please email for more information on how to request a review.

There are currently over 130 Temporary Parking Pick-up Zones in locations across Toronto. Temporary Parking Pick-up Zones are intended to support quick food, medicine and merchandise pick-ups by allowing residents to park for free for up to 10 minutes in close proximity to a business offering curbside or delivery services.

Please note: The City is no longer accepting new applications for Temporary Parking Pick-up Zones.


Maintaining a minimum pedestrian clearway of 2.1 metres is essential to ensure that all pedestrians can move safely along an unobstructed sidewalk, especially those using mobility devices, strollers and other similar apparatus.

In order to leave room for pedestrians and to promote physical distancing, please consider these customer line-up tips outside your business:

  • Use private property (i.e. parking lots) to queue customers wherever possible
  • If public sidewalks must be used, do not allow customers to block the pedestrian clearway
  • Consider spacing customers in the furnishing zone of the sidewalk (i.e. between trees, bike rings, benches)
  • Actively monitor your line-up to ensure a pedestrian clearway of 2.1 metres is maintained at all times. An employee stationed at the entrance can assist with line-up management, supports accessibility and can monitor indoor capacity limits
  • Place markings on the ground to identify where customers should wait, ensure there are 2 metres of space between markers
  • Post signage promoting physical distancing, indoor capacity limits and location based safety practices

Graphic of how stores should plan for customer line-ups

Temporary Parking Pick-up Zones use blue “10 Minute Limit” parking signage to advise motorists of the priority pick-up zone. Any motorist can park in these zones for 10 minutes or less while conducting a quick curbside pick-up or delivery.

Image of temporary parking pick up zone with blue signage on a pole reading 10 minute limit