October is Small Business Month – an entire month dedicated to honouring Canadian small businesses and the entrepreneurs that drive them.

Small Business Month celebrates the important contributions entrepreneurs make to their local communities. This October, the City encourages local business owners to take the time to develop new ideas to grow their businesses. And, more importantly, we encourage local residents to support their local small businesses.

With the support of City partners, including TD, Microsoft, TruShield Insurance and Vistaprint, we will be hosting a range of informative events and activities throughout the entire month of October. The goal is to ensure Toronto’s small business community has the resources it needs to continue to growth and thrive.

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Ask The Expert – Vistaprint
  October 1

Business Plan Bootcamp
Date: October 4

Open House – Lunch N’ Learn at Vistaprint Spaces
Date: October 10

Start-up Financials
October 11

Ask The Expert – Insurance Session
October 12

Ask The Expert – Legal Session
October 12

E-Commerce 101 with Shopify
October 15

Futurpreneur Info Session
October 15

Marketing Boot Camp
October 16

Sales Boot Camp
October 17

Regulated and Prohibited Consumer Products in Canada
October 18

WSIB, Health & Safety Laws for Small Businesses
October 19

Small Business Self Defense
October 22

Website Building for Beginners
October 23

Starting Your Business 101
October 24

Legal Boot Camp
October 25

Simple Digital Marketing tips that actually work
– YouTube live session
October 25

Business Operations Bootcamp
October 29

Is The Traditional Office Dead? 10 Truths About Working-From-Home

  • Most employers hate the idea of going virtual, but companies in Canada increasingly choose to shrink their real estate footprint and adopt work-from-home.

Five Great Ways To Improve Your Customer Service

  • Positive and helpful customer service can generate considerable goodwill and loyalty amongst #customers, but how do you guarantee an engaging experience is enjoyed by all when you have so many other plates to keep spinning?

These Common Claims can Do Serious Damage to your Business

  • There are ways that you can minimize errors and omissions, however, mistakes do happen. Knowing that you’re covered in the event of an error or omission in your work will help keep your mind at ease so you can focus on your

Wired Canadians… why businesses must change to meet expectations

  • Ever wonder what Canadians expect from your #business? Microsoft, in partnership with YouGov, commissioned market research to uncover what consumers around the world (including #Canada) expect from businesses when buying goods and service

6 Pillars of an effective Business Pitch

  • As a small #business owner, it’s often difficult to quickly summarize what you do. The following tips will help you give a brief introduction that highlights the benefits of working with you.

5 tips on how to recover from a cyber breach

  • In the unfortunate scenario that your small #business falls victim to a hack, there are specific steps that you can take to recover from the breach and minimize your losses. Here are five tips on how to recover from a cyberbreach

Running a business in 2018—and what you need to know about change

  • There is a lot of discussion among business owners about the modern workplace, and the idea that where and how we work has changed. This change is a result of the realities of the workforce–we’re more diverse in age, as an example–and the role that technology plays in helping us to get our jobs done.

5 signs you need to hire your first employee

  • If your business is growing, the tasks needed to keep it heading in the right direction are going to mount up and it might be a struggle to stay on top of things; could it be time to look at hiring your first employee?

Learn How To Protect Your business with our new Coverage Coach!

  • Check out the new online interactive, tool that can help you learn about risk management, understand your business insurance needs, get a customized quote, and buy a policy in just a few short minutes.

The Power of Referrals

  • Referrals can be a powerful and an inexpensive way to build trust and attract new customers. How you can harness the power of your customers to grow your #business.

Getting the Right Insurance for your Business

  • Find out what type of #Business Insurance coverage is best for your small business

10 ways to reap more profit from your data

  • From using business intelligence tools to building a better #sales pipeline, discover 10 practices you can adopt to become a data-driven organization.

Need to file an insurance claim? Here’s what you need to know.

  • When you’ve suffered a loss in your small #business, no matter how big or small, it’s never easy. In the moment, emotion can often take over and cloud your judgement. Follow these four steps when you think you have an insurance claim.

How to Write a Business Pitch

  • To convince someone to use your business, you need to master the art of selling yourself. Learn everything you need to know about pitching and presenting your small business.

Motivating sales: 10 things you need to keep your sales team stoked!

  • Looking for ways to motivate a sales team? From dashboards to gamification, this post explains how a smart mix of information, collaboration, and #technology can help inspire better results.

5 apps to help you live a more balanced lifestyle

  • Check out these 5 great apps that can help make living a healthier, more balanced lifestyle a little easier for the busy Canadian #entrepreneur.

How to Win (or Lose) Customer Trust

  • While you may have the best product or service on the #market, #customer trust is built throughout the entire journey—from first contact to final purchase. Read some of the ways you can build (or destroy) crucial customer trust.

Run your business from home? Here’s why you should have home-based business insurance

  • Running a home-based #business comes with unique risks that demand good protection. Protect your business and its assets with a home insurance policy.

VistaPrints’ Branding Glossary

  • Vista Print has put together a comprehensive glossary to help you understand how to build your #brand identity and apply it to your #marketing products.

Visualize: The Power of Data Storytelling

  • When it comes to data, gathering information is only half of the challenge – it’s what you do with it that counts. How do you communicate the insights from your data more effectively? Learn how to unlock the potential within your data through visualization.

CGL insurance is the defense your small business needs

  • Your business deserves the best defense when it comes to protection against bodily injury lawsuits. That’s why having commercial general liability (CGL) insurance and establishing best practices can help you keep your business on its A-game.

Identifying your business’s unique selling proposition and core values

  • How to find – and share – the special “something” that sets your #business apart from others.

5 Faces of Today’s Employees

  • Discover how to empower teams with the right teamwork tools, capitalize on strengths, enable anywhere anytime connectivity, and encourage a collaborative culture.

Do you need Commercial Auto Insurance?

  • There are key differences between commercial and personal auto insurance policy coverage, and these differences could leave you vulnerable. Here are four questions you should ask yourself when debating a commercial auto policy.

Five great ways to improve your customer service

  • What people think about your business is vital and it can play a big part in shaping your business’ growth. In this article, we’re going to run through five key areas where practical changes could ensure customers are happy, listened to, and that your business booms

Profit Principles

  • Get those margins up! Use modern technology to squeeze more value out of your time. Embrace these five Profit Principles and get razor-focused on maximizing productivity and minimizing your costs.

Learn how to Protect your business from Cyber Breaches

  • Learn the basics about cyber breaches, how they can impact your #business, how to recover from one, and how cyber event expense insurance can help protect your business and your bottom line.

This FREE WHITEPAPER outlines some common lawsuits your retail business could face!

  • The day you start your business is the day your business is exposed to liability. Why? Well, at any time, your business could be the target of a lawsuit from a customer, someone browsing in your shop or even just a passer-by. Anyone who comes into contact with your business could potentially file a claim against you.

How to Write Your Business Pitch

  • To convince someone to use your business, you need to master the art of selling yourself. Download this eBook to understand everything you need to know about #pitching and presenting your small business.

Move your small business forward with Microsoft

  • If your company’s ready for new possibilities, decreased costs, and increased revenue, we’ll help you make more time for your personal life. Adopt new ideas and #technologies, and invent new ways of running your business.

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