The Business Fundamentals Online Training Program provides a series of ten modules with related worksheets for entrepreneurs starting a new business. The modules are presented in webinar format and cover a broad and in-depth range of business-related topics.

Business Boot Camp webinars cover much of the content presented in Enterprise Toronto’s classroom-based boot camps, while allowing you to learn the material at your convenience.

How to Start a Business webinars supplement the boot camps and provide information and insights related to specific business types.

Ten online learning modules walk you through the process of starting a business and cover the fundamentals of what you need to know.

Module 1.   Business Plan

Module 2.   Market Research to Test the Viability of Your Idea

Module 3.   Marketing Your Small Business

Module 4.   Business Legal Requirements

Module 5.   Costing and Pricing

Module 6.   Selling Skills for Small Business

Module 7.   Cash Flow Forecast

Module 8.   Income Statement

Module 9.   Employing and Managing Staff

Module 10. Secrets to Success in Your Own Business


Access to the learning modules is free, but registration is required. Complete the online registration form to get started.

Business Plan Boot Camp Webinars

  • Developing a vision, mission and value proposition
  • Elements of a business plan
  • Fundamentals of marketing, sales, operations and financials

Start-up Financials Boot Camp

  • Calculating your start-up costs
  • Creating and analyzing an income statement
  • Developing a cash flow forecast and managing cash flow
  • Analyzing your balance sheet
  • Costing and pricing your products and services

Marketing & Sales Boot Camp

  • Understanding your customer
  • Competition and industry trends
  • Branding
  • Developing a marketing plan
  • Digital marketing
  • Sales and promotion
  • Calculating return on investment

How to Start a Creative Business

  • Developing your creative business plan
  • Establishing realistic goals
  • Understanding the basics of running a business
  • Using practical market research
  • Creating a simple marketing strategy

How to Start a Consulting Business

  • Developing a plan for your consulting business
  • Managing your books, billing and accounting
  • Developing legal agreements and contracts
  • Using productivity tools for email, accounting and CRM
  • Developing a marketing plan

How to Start a Restaurant Business

  • Developing your restaurant concept
  • Creating a realistic financial forecast
  • Developing a marketing plan
  • Creating a human resources plan
  • Spreadsheets and tools to help you get started