Customer Service Desk: 416-397-5235

Corporate AP Customer Service Representative

Vendor Portfolio

Letter Telephone Number Email Address
Supervisor A-K, Interfaces, Sub Orders, Expense Claims, TEMS Janet Buck 416-392-8659
Accounting Coordinator Kaya Mahendran 416-392-8129
Tharani Radheepan Aa-At 416-392-8568
Sygmund Gaskin E, Au-Az 416-397-4912
Anita Deol Ca 416-397-7269
Melissa Mace Ch-Cz 416-397-5826
Carlene Perkins B, F 416 392-9735
Steve Ryan D 416-392-2145
Mary Harvey I, J, # Companies 416-392-7697
Eskender Georgis G, Cb-Cg 416-392-7697
Filomena Lenza H, Gordon Foods 416-397-5814
Analyn Tonogbanua K 416-392-7656
Jaime Batula Interfaces and Vendor Direct Billing Expense Claims, TEMS Suborders – Burial (BA) and Funeral (FA), Utility Payments 416-392-4309
AP Support Staff
Gulanar Kassam 416-392-3660
Supervisor (Acting) L- Z, Capital Transmittals, Utility Payments, Discount Desk Ester Calder 416-392-8539
Accounting Coordinator John Sissakis 416-397-5827
Analyn Tonogbanua K 416-392-7656
Jennifer Niven L, Q, V, X 416-397-5834
Rhonda Wheeler M, Yu-Yz 416-392-8934
Elio Blanco Na-Ne, Su-Sz, Ya-Yo 416-338-1971
Tasha MacDonald Nf-Nz, P 416-338-1976
Maria Cunsolo O, U, Z 416-392-2986
Ali Mirshahi R 416-392-7274
Enrico Fetalvero Sa-St 416-397-5738
Edwin Pineda T 416-392-4320
Sandra Babulall W 416-392-8880
Margaret Trimble Capital Transmittals, Discount Invoices T-Z 416-397-7270
Gabby Cruz Discount A,B 416-392-3702
Katherine Irvine Discount C-M 416-397-7268
Lingfang Xu Discount N-S 416-397-7265
Financial Analyst Michael Zeni 416-392-1027
EPS Administration