On September 1st 2019 the City of Toronto will complete the transition to SAP Ariba Sourcing, our chosen e-bidding solution. This new tool will make it easy for suppliers to download solicitation documents free of charge through the SAP Ariba portal. This means they will no longer be sold via the Tender Office. Paper Bid Bonds will be accepted via the Tender Office at City Hall on the 19th floor, West Tower until such time as all bidders make the transition to Electronic Bid bonds. In specific cases where the electronic transmission of files greater than 100Mb is not supported, CD’s will be couriered (upon request) or can be picked up in person at City Hall on the 19th floor, West Tower.

As of July 2019, the City has come to market with approximately 85 solicitations. To support this work, training sessions were conducted to help suppliers become familiar with the SAP Ariba response experience.

To provide ongoing support, the City has now created a series of simulated events including a mock Request for Tender, Request for Quotation and Request for Proposal.  These simulated events can be accessed from the links here:

Please see the Supplier Guide for supporting information.

What do you need to do to prepare for the September 1 deadline?

Suppliers are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the electronic bidding experience by participating in a self-directed submission of a simulated bid.  The following guide is created to support the self-directed experience and outlines everything from creating an account to responding to a solicitation.

Any questions about this transition should be directed to City Bids at: citybids@toronto.ca

Suppliers are reminded to register on the SAP Ariba Network.