Roll out of SAP Ariba at the City


Estimated Timeline*
SAP Ariba Functionality Start End
Sourcing and Contract functionality that allows for:

  • Posting Solicitations and Notice of Intended Procurements online
  • Receiving bids/proposals from bidders electronically
  • Submissions evaluated online by City staff
  • Negotiation of contracts, where applicable, online
  • Electronic signing of contracts via Docusign
September 2018 March 2019
Procure-to-Pay functionality that allows for:

  • Easy integration to supplier catalogues to allow for simplified ordering for the City
  • Minimizing of parked invoices
  • Faster invoice processing
  • Dynamic discounting for early invoice payments
Q4 2018 Q3 2019
Supplier Performance Management functionality that allows for:

  • Additional information about suppliers
  • Consistent review of supplier performance on City contracts
Q4 2018 Q1 2019


*Dates are subject to change.

The implementation of the Sourcing and Contract functionality of SAP Ariba will affect suppliers and the City’s procurement processes in the following ways:

  • City of Toronto Solicitations ‒ Request for Expressions of Interest (REOIs), Request for Information (RFIs), Request for Supplier Pre-qualification (RFSQ), Request for Proposals (RFPs), Request for Quotations (RFQs) and Request for Tenders (RFTs) and select Invitational opportunities ‒ will be posted electronically through the SAP Ariba Network
  • Suppliers must register with SAP Ariba Discovery to participate in these opportunities
  • Questions about a specific solicitation can only be posed in SAP Ariba
  • Addenda to a specific solicitation will only be posted in SAP Ariba
  • All bids and proposals, except when identified otherwise, must be submitted electronically
  • Agreements with suppliers will be executed and signed electronically, except when otherwise stated

Starting in September 2018, the City will begin posting a few Solicitations on the SAP Ariba Network. In October, the City will start to post more Solicitations on the SAP Ariba Network by City divisions (Parks, Forestry & Recreation, Toronto Water, etc). Updates will be posted on the website to indicate a more precise roll-out schedule, including which divisions are being moved over to the SAP Ariba Network and when their Solicitations will be posted.

During this transition, both the City’s existing Online Call Document System and the SAP Ariba Network will be active. Bidders need to keep the following in mind:

  • All notices of intended procurement will continue to be posted on the City of Toronto’s Online Call Document System website with a link to the sourcing event (or bidding opportunity) until all sourcing events are hosted in SAP Ariba.
    • The notice of intended procurement will indicate whether the subsequent Solicitation will be posted on the SAP Ariba Network or on the Online Call Document System.
  • For Solicitations posted on the SAP Ariba Network:
    • The look and layout of the Solicitation will change. The design changes that are planned to the Solicitations and Contracts will be user-friendly
    • No fees will be charged to participate in the Solicitation
    • You can download and print the Solicitation, but bids and proposals must be submitted electronically, and awarded Contracts will need to be “e-signed” using DocuSign©
    • The City will not hold Public Openings for those Solicitations
  • For Solicitations posted on the City’s existing Online Call Document System:
    • A fee will continue to be charged to purchase these Solicitations
    • Responses (bids or proposals) to the Solicitations must still be received physically at the location noted in the Solicitation (18th Floor West Tower, City Hall, 100 Queen Street West, Toronto, ON M5H 2N2)
    • Public Openings will continue for these Solicitations
  • Once the roll out of the SAP Ariba Network is complete, there will no longer be any Public Openings. Procurement transactions will be paperless, and all bids must be submitted electronically.