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Type Name
Record Labels Abbeywood Records
Record Labels Addo Records
Record Labels Alert Music Inc.
Record Labels Alma Records
Record Labels Anthem Entertainment Group
Record Labels Aporia Records
Record Labels Arachnidiscs Recordings
Record Labels Arts and Crafts International
Record Labels Bad Actors
Record Labels Bakers Club
Record Labels Barnyard Records
Record Labels Bedroomer
Record Labels Bhurr Records
Record Labels Black Crack Records
Record Labels Boonsdale Record Inc.
Record Labels Borealis Recording Co
Record Labels Buzz Records
Record Labels Cameron House Records
Record Labels Cadence Music Group
Record Labels Capital Prophet (CP) Records
Record Labels Coalition Music (Records)
Record Labels Costa Music Inc.
Record Labels Culvert Music
Record Labels Curve Music
Record Labels Dine Alone Records
Record Labels Distort Entertainment
Record Labels DNH Records
Record Labels Do Right! Music
Record Labels eOne Music Canada
Record Labels FOD Records
Record Labels Gypsy Soul Records
Record Labels Hand Drawn Dracula
Record Labels The Hand Recordings
Record Labels Haven Sounds
Record Labels Healing Power Records
Record Labels Hi-Bias Records
Record Labels Marked Music
Record Labels Idee Fixe
Record Labels Idol Hanse
Record Labels Inner City Dance
Record Labels Invisible City Editions
Record Labels Inyrdisk
Record Labels Last Gang Records
Record Labels Marquis Music
Record Labels Medusa Editions
Record Labels Mixed Signals Music
Record Labels Neighbourhood Watch
Record Labels Nevado Records
Record Labels New Damage Records
Record Labels New Kanada
Record Labels No Love
Record Labels One Big Silence
Record Labels Open Road Recordings
Record Labels Opening Day Entertainment Group
Record Labels Outside Music
Record Labels Pacemaker Entertainment Limited
Record Labels Paper Bag Records
Record Labels Pheromone Recordings
Record Labels Pinwheel Music
Record Labels Pirates Blend Records
Record Labels Play Records
Record Labels Pleasence Records
Record Labels Polyphasic Recordings
Record Labels Popguru Sound and Vision
Record Labels Pretty Pretty Records
Record Labels Public Transit Recordings
Record Labels Reel Cod
Record Labels Roar Records
Record Labels Royal Mountain Records
Record Labels Six Shooter Records
Record Labels Sleepless Records
Record Labels Sonic Envy
Record Labels Sony Music Entertainment Canada Inc. (Japan)
Record Labels Sparks Music
Record Labels Spider Records
Record Labels Stacked Records
Record Labels Stush Records
Record Labels Sugar Moon Music Inc.
Record Labels Tangents North Music
Record Labels Telephone Explosion
Record Labels The Mustache Club
Record Labels Total Stasis
Record Labels Trilogy Records International
Record Labels Ugly Pop Records
Record Labels Underground Operations
Record Labels Universal Music Canada Inc. (France)
Record Labels Upper Class Recordings
Record Labels Warner Music Canada Co.(U.S.)
Record Labels Wax Records Inc.
Record Labels Weewerk
Record Labels White Whale Records
Record Labels SmashMouth Music Group
Record Labels Ice H2O Records Canada
Record Labels Roaring Girl Records
Record Labels New Media Records
Music Organizations ACTRA RACS (Recording Artists’ Collecting Society)
Music Organizations Arraymusic
Music Organizations Association of Improvising Musicians Toronto
Music Organizations Association of Music and Innovative Arts
Music Organizations Canadian Association for the Advancement of Music and the Arts
Music Organizations Canadian Country Music Association
Music Organizations Canadian Music Centre
Music Organizations Canadian Professional DJ Association
Music Organizations CARAS (Canadian Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences)
Music Organizations Celebrate Ontario
Music Organizations CFM (Canadian Federation of Musicians)
Music Organizations CIMA (Canadian Independent Music Association)
Music Organizations CIRAA (Canadian Independent Recording Artists Association)
Music Organizations CMRRA (Canadian Musical Reproduction Rights Association)
Music Organizations CMT Canada Video Advantage Program
Music Organizations CONNECT Music Licensing
Music Organizations CPCC (Canadian Private Copying Collective)
Music Organizations Folk Music Canada
Music Organizations MROC (Musicians’ Rights Organization of Canada)
Music Organizations MuchFACT
Music Organizations Music Canada
Music Organizations Music Managers Forum Canada
Music Organizations Music Ontario
Music Organizations MusicCounts
Music Organizations Musicians’ Pension Fund of Canada
Music Organizations OMDC (Ontario Media Development Corporation)/Ontario Music Office
Music Organizations Re:Sound
Music Organizations SAC (Songwriter’s Association of Canada)
Music Organizations Screen Composers Guild of Canada
Music Organizations SOCAN (Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada)
Music Organizations TMA (Toronto Musicians Association)
Music Organizations Toronto Alliance for the Performing Arts
Music Organizations Toronto Arts Foundation
Music Organizations Toronto Blues Society
Music Organizations Unison Benevolent Fund
Music Organizations Women in Music Professional Association of Canada
Live Music Support Metrocom Audio Visual Ltd.
Live Music Support Moog Audio
Live Music Support Spectacular Sounds Inc.
Live Music Support Steve’s Music Store
Live Music Support Sunshine Sound & Lighting
Live Music Support Sunshine Music Store
Live Music Support Backline Plus
Live Music Support Backliner Inc.
Live Music Support Coll Audio Toronto
Live Music Support Groove Moves
Live Music Support Kiddie Car Music
Live Music Support Mostly Music Backline
Live Music Support PRB Canada
Live Music Support AllCargos Tent & Event Rentals
Live Music Support Toronto Event Rentals
Live Music Support Varsity Tents
Live Music Support RnR Staging Inc.
Live Music Support Toronto Stage Rentals
Live Music Support Production Resource Group
Live Music Support Solotech
Live Music Support SoundPlus
Live Music Support Westbury
Live Music Support Ticketfly
Live Music Support RedPine
Promoters Andy C Events
Promoters Atila Glatz Concert Productions
Promoters Bangs & Blush
Promoters Bassmentality
Promoters Batuki Music Society
Promoters BMW Promo
Promoters Boogie Inc
Promoters Box of Kittens
Promoters Burn Down the Capital
Promoters Collective Concerts
Promoters Dalton Higgins
Promoters Dan Burke/NeXt Shows
Promoters Dog Gone Presents
Promoters Dubslingers
Promoters EasPark Productions
Promoters ElectriCITY Events
Promoters Embrace Presents
Promoters Footprints
Promoters Good Kids
Promoters Ian Andre Espinet Entertainment
Promoters Inertia Entertainment
Promoters Ink Entertainment
Promoters Just Entertainment
Promoters Live Nation
Promoters Mark Pesci Concerts
Promoters Perle Noire Entertainment
Promoters Silent Shout
Promoters Substance Entertainment Group, The
Promoters The Next Music Generation
Promoters Wavelength
Promoters West Indian Connection
Promoters REK Entertainment Group
Promoters Music Toronto
Promoters SmashMouth Entertainment Inc.
Promoters 40oz Heroes
Promoters Academy Presents, The
Promoters AEG Live
Agents & Managers Core Music Agency
Agents & Managers The Feldman Agency
Agents & Managers Paquin Entertainment Artists Agency
Agents & Managers The Talent House
Agents & Managers The Agency Group (United Talent Agency)
Agents & Managers 21 ENTERTAINMENT GROUP/Chris Smith Management
Agents & Managers Alert Music Inc.
Agents & Managers Anthem Entertainment Group (owned by ole)
Agents & Managers Athena Music International
Agents & Managers Baseline Music
Agents & Managers Bumstead Productions
Agents & Managers Burnt Tree Management
Agents & Managers Cameron House Records
Agents & Managers Capital Prophet (CP) Records
Agents & Managers Cerberus Management & Consulting
Agents & Managers CLK Creative Works
Agents & Managers Coalition Music
Agents & Managers CTS Productions (Canadian Talent and Showcase)
Agents & Managers Current Records & Management
Agents & Managers DC Music
Agents & Managers Dimitrios Management Group (DMG Music)
Agents & Managers Do Right! Music
Agents & Managers Ekul Music
Agents & Managers Finkelstein Management
Agents & Managers Fullcc Music Group
Agents & Managers Global Café
Agents & Managers Greg Kavanagh Music (GKM)
Agents & Managers High Notes Avante Productions
Agents & Managers Last Gang Management
Agents & Managers The Management Trust
Agents & Managers More Music Management
Agents & Managers Nevado Records
Agents & Managers Nightmare Management
Agents & Managers Noisemaker Management
Agents & Managers Opening Day Entertainment Group
Agents & Managers Outside Music
Agents & Managers Pandyamonium
Agents & Managers Pirates Blend
Agents & Managers Popguru Sound and Vision
Agents & Managers Six Shooter Records
Agents & Managers Tangents North Music
Agents & Managers Tanjola
Agents & Managers Upper Class Recordings
Agents & Managers Watson Entertainment
Agents & Managers Weewerk
Agents & Managers Andrew Kwan Artists Management Inc.
Agents & Managers Arts and Crafts International
Agents & Managers Backstage Productions
Agents & Managers Bedlam Music Management
Agents & Managers Bernie Breen Management
Agents & Managers Eggplant Entertainment
Agents & Managers Paquin Entertainment Management
Agents & Managers RGK Management (RGK Entertainment Group)
Agents & Managers Starfish Entertainment
Agents & Managers SmashMouth Entertainment Inc.
Agents & Managers Anya Wilson Promotion & Publicity
Agents & Managers Cat*PR
Agents & Managers ClutchPR
Agents & Managers dB Promotions & Publicity Inc.
Agents & Managers Eek Productions
Agents & Managers Evolution Public Relations
Agents & Managers Freshly Pressed PR
Agents & Managers Gypsy Soul Records
Agents & Managers Hype Music
Agents & Managers Killbeat Music
Agents & Managers Liz PR
Agents & Managers LW Communications
Agents & Managers Melanie Kaye PR
Agents & Managers Pinwheel Music
Agents & Managers Real World Artist Management
Agents & Managers Richard Flohil & Associates
Agents & Managers Skylar Entertainment
Agents & Managers Slammin Media
Agents & Managers Victoria Lord Public Relations Inc.
Agents & Managers Webster Media Consulting
Agents & Managers White Eagle Promotions
Agents & Managers With a Bullet
Agents & Managers Boy and Doll Public Relations (B.A.D. PR)
Agents & Managers eOne Music Canada
Agents & Managers Flip Publicity
Agents & Managers Frontside Group
Agents & Managers Holmes PR
Agents & Managers Listen Harder
Agents & Managers Official Community
Agents & Managers rock-it promotions
Agents & Managers Strut Entertainment
Agents & Managers Touchwood Public Relations
Agents & Managers Anchor Shop
Agents & Managers Music Gateway