The City of Toronto provides support to the local music community, including:

  • facilitating links to other City departments (e.g., Transportation and Street Events, Parks Forestry & Recreation, Municipal Licensing & Standards, Event Support)
  • providing business-to-business connections
  • advising and providing consultation on business development, including help with related City processes and regulations
  • Factor
    Factor provides support to Canadian recording artists, songwriters, managers, labels, publishers, event producers and distributors through various programs.
  • Toronto Arts Council
    Toronto Arts Council provides grants to outstanding artists and arts organizations that contribute to the cultural life of the City of Toronto.
  • Ontario Arts Council
    The Ontario Arts Council currently offers more than 65 granting programs to individual artists, collectives, ad hoc groups and organizations in twelve sectors
  • Local Arts Service Organization (LASOs)
    As anchor community arts organizations in Toronto, they promote the arts at the local level, making them very much part of the daily fabric of community living and contribute to a vibrant community arts infrastructure in Toronto.
  • Ontario Music Fund
    The Ontario Music Fund is designed to drive activity and investment and to support Ontario’s music companies and organizations in expanding their economic and cultural footprints within Canada and around the world.
  • Celebrate Ontario
    Celebrate Ontario provides project-based programming and marketing funding to new or existing Ontario events to enhance programs, activities and services and support innovations that will lead to long-term improvements, sustainability and the attraction of additional tourists.

The Toronto Music Advisory Council provides a forum for the exchange of ideas, input and advice on the challenges and opportunities for the city’s music industry.

In accordance with the Terms of Reference, the Music Advisory Council will be composed of up to 36 members, including:

  • Chair of the Economic Development Committee, or designate who shall be a Member of Council;
  • one other Member of the Economic Development Committee;
  • three other Members of Council-at-large;
  • Executive Director, Toronto Association of Business Improvement Areas, or designate;
  • President & Chief Executive Officer, Tourism Toronto, or designate; and
  • 26 music industry stakeholders collectively representing a range of knowledge, skills and experience.

Apply to Join the Toronto Music Advisory Council

The City of Toronto makes appointments to a range of agencies, committees and corporations. You can apply at any time for the opportunity to join TMAC, even if there are no current vacancies on the council.

Current Toronto Music Advisory Council

  1. Councillor Josh Colle (Chair)
  2. Councillor Michael Thompson
  3. Councillor Mary Fragedakis
  4. Councillor John Filion
  5. Councillor Mary-Margaret McMahon
  6. Councillor Christin Carmichael Greb
  7. Eric Alper, Independent Public Relations Consultant
  8. Derek Andrews, Independent Arts Consultant
  9. Vivian Barclay, General Manager, Warner-Chappell Music Canada
  10. Mary An Blom, Director of Corporate Strategy & Insights, Sony Music Entertainment Canada
  11. Dan Broome, Senior Business Representative, Toronto Musicians’ Union
  12. Melissa Bubb-Clarke, Senior Director Global Partnerships, MLSE / Live Nation
  13. Jeff Cohen, Co-owner, Collective Concerts, Lee’s Palace, Horseshoe Tavern, Toronto Urban Roots Festival
  14. Jeff Craib, President, The Feldman Agency
  15. Jay Devonish, Label Manager, eOne Music Canada
  16. Jay Douglas, Independent Artist
  17. Murray Foster, Independent Artist
  18. Adam Gill, President, Embrace Entertainment Inc.
  19. Drex Jancar, Co-founder, the Remix Project / OVOFEST
  20. Tracy Jenkins, Co-Artistic and Executive Director, Lula Arts and Music, Lula Lounge
  21. Andreas Kalogiannides, Principal, Kalogiannides Law; Founder, Toronto Music City
  22. Jesse Kumagai, Director of Programming and Business Development, the Corporation of Massey Hall and Roy Thompson Hall
  23. Melissa Langley, Independent Artist / Radio DJ; Freelance Writer / Publicist
  24. Rob Lanni, Co-founder, Coalition Music
  25. Amanda Martinez, Independent Artist
  26. Mervon Mehta, Executive Director of Performing Arts, Royal Conservatory of Music
  27. Noah Mintz, Owner / Senior Mastering Engineer, the Lacquer Channel
  28. Miranda Mulholland, Independent Artist; Co-owner, Roaring Girl Records; Founder, Sawdust City Music Festival
  29. Rodney Murphy, Manager of Education and Outreach, SOCAN
  30. Jeffrey Remedios, President, Universal Music Canada
  31. Roberta Smith, COO, Toronto Symphony Orchestra
  32. Spencer Sutherland, (Co-chair), Queen Street West BIA; Board Member, TABIA; Owner, Nocturne
  33. Patti-Anne Tarlton, COO, Ticketmaster Canada
  34. Amy Terrill, Executive Vice-President, Music Canada
  35. Andrew Weir, Vice-President, Communications, Tourism Toronto
  36. Peter Zakarow, President, Alexynn Group
  37. Mike Tanner, Music Sector Development Officer, City of Toronto
  38. Jaclyn Tam, Supervisor Special Events (Music), City of Toronto

Terms of Reference, Toronto Music Industry Advisory Council (PDF)

The Music City Alliance was established for mutual growth opportunities. The Alliance works to:

  • identify opportunities and concurrent activities that will jointly assist in growing the music industry market sector in terms of jobs, revenue, and salaries;
  • create meaningful trade partnerships for artistic talent and music products and services;
  • enable the growth of new commercial music businesses that will create market sector stability and expansion of the future;
  • create new relationships for ongoing information exchange, both government-to-government and industry-to-industry; and jointly message and promote Alliance accomplishments and successes.

Toronto’s members of the Austin-Toronto Music City Alliance

  • Councillor Thompson
  • Jeff Cohen, Co-owner, Collective Concerts, Lee’s Palace, Horseshoe Tavern, Toronto Urban Roots Festival
  • Jesse Kumagai, Director of Programming and Business Development, the Corporation of Massey Hall and Roy Thompson Hall
  • Amy Terrill, Executive Vice-President, Music Canada
  • Mike Tanner, Music Sector Development Officer, City of Toronto

Terms of Reference, Austin-Toronto Music City Alliance

A Tactical Guide to Selling Sponsorship

This guide is designed with the music sponsorship seeker in mind. Whether you are an event organizer, label, promoter, venue owner, developer of educational programs or even a volunteer, the information that follows should help you create more meaningful and productive conversations with potential sponsors.

This document is based on material developed by The Sponsorship Collective. We thank them for their permission to adapt and use it here.

How to Use the Guide

The design is simple. Find the template or section that applies to your particular stage in the sales process and use it! Read the template, read the instructions, plug in your information and start selling sponsorship. The fine-tuning, the details, and the eventual outcomes are up to you.

These templates have been tested in the field and used to raise millions of dollars in sponsorship, cause marketing and events. This material represents years of testing and a great deal of trial and error. The format is simple, direct, and ready for you to use right now.


On Tuesday, November 22, 2016, the City of Toronto presented the Mayor’s Music Sponsorship Roundtable, hosted by Google Canada. This invitation only roundtable discussion provided Toronto’s grassroots music industry insight into sponsorship best practices, an opportunity to establish new and innovative partnerships with Canada’s biggest corporate brands, and help bolster popular support for the City’s music.