Partner with the City to help reduce pet homelessness, increase pet identification and ensure that owners who need help are able to care for their pet regardless of income. TAS programs help people connect to needed pet services, tools, resources and education to care for their pets, to reduce the number of free-roaming pets in the city and to ensure that income does not limit a person’s ability to properly care for their pet.

Our team will work with you to find a sponsorship opportunity that meets your strategic marketing goals. You also have the opportunity to be a donor and support any of the TAS programs that work to keep our animal residents safe and cared for. Call us to discuss the partnership opportunity that best meets your needs and demonstrates how you are making a positive difference.

A variety of education, awareness and outreach initiatives focusing on low-income neighbourhoods and communities are provided. Programs include:

  • S.N.Y.P. (Spay or Neuter Your Pet) Truck – a mobile spay/neuter initiative
  • The Chip Truck (sponsored by PetSecure) – a mobile pet identification initiative, offering $10.00 microchips to reward those who license their pets
  • Pet adoption and pet licensing

With a licence, pets can be returned to their owner if they get lost or if there is an emergency. Licence fees go directly back to Toronto Animal Services to help support programs such as pet adoption, low- cost spay/neuter, TNR (trap, neuter, return) for feral cats and medical care for lost and homeless animals.