Supplying Every Home with a Smoke Alarm

Installation and education on the importance of smoke alarms are the two most critical components in the fight to reduce the risk of fire.

Through the Hungry for Knowledge (H4K) program, Toronto Fire Services in partnership with the Toronto Food Bank provides working smoke alarms and education to people that are less likely to have them.

Starting at the Food Bank

Toronto Fire Service staff visit the Toronto Food Bank and connect with clients to discuss whether their residence has a working smoke alarm. If they don’t, Toronto Fire Services provide one free and offers to install it if needed. Staff also educate residents on fire and carbon monoxide prevention and how they can protect themselves and their family.

Be a Part of the Success Story

Educating Torontonians on the importance of fire prevention is a priority for our city. That’s why our H4K program needs continued support.

By becoming a partner, you will help us continue to offer and expand this exceptional program, you will bring the message of fire prevention to more and more people every day and you’ll be raising and enhancing your organization’s profile in Toronto’s large and diverse market. Most important, you’ll be helping to save lives.