Gaining a Sense of Belonging at Community Gathering Spaces

Become a donor, sponsor or partner of TheatrePlace, a wonderful initiative enabling Torontonians to create, perform and watch entertainment together in community spaces and connect with each other. TheatrePlace creates community gathering spaces with naturalized seating that are equipped with mobile movie systems and operate year-round. The program is inspired by the simple idea that making new friends and connecting with neighbours helps people gain a sense of belonging.

Bringing People Together as Torontonians and Canadians

Toronto is endowed with a culturally rich and diverse population that grows larger every year. Yet for many residents, especially those who have recently located here, the city can be a cold and lonely environment. TheatrePlace venues help people gain a sense of belonging by hosting entertainment events such as:

  • Movies, in partnership with film festivals
  • Performing arts, music events and spoken word
  • Sports
  • Neighbourhood social and cultural events

What do TheatrePlace Spaces Consist of?

Each community gathering space has natural armour stone seating that is surrounded by planter boxes, shrubs and plants. The mobile movie systems consist of a projector, movie screen, DVD player, cable feed and speakers. Local residents manage the programs, with venues hosting over 100 films and entertainment events each year.