What is the Bicycle Chain Program?

The Bicycle Chain program promotes healthy activity and fun through providing access to bikes and safety lessons for lower-income residents. The program also helps young people gain employable skills through basic bike mechanics training and leadership development.

How Does it Work?

Over the next 3 years the Bicycle Chain program is looking to create 20 community bicycle hubs throughout the city to serve as starting points for community bike rides, as a place to borrow a bike, learn how to ride, service and maintain one, or receive bike mechanics training.

Here are just a few of the goals that we hope to accomplish in the first year:

  • Over 400 youths will receive bike mechanics training
  • Over 1,000 bikes will be refurbished and made available to the public for borrowing
  • Over 2,000 cyclists will take part in our Bicycle Chain tours

How Can Your Company Get Involved?

You and your company have a golden opportunity to lead the pack with this dynamic new program by becoming a sponsor, donor or partner. Your contribution will support mentors, purchase tools, and bike parts and cover location costs.

Regardless of how you participate, you’ll be strategically aligned with a community-focused initiative and benefit from all the positive publicity it’s going to generate.