Protecting, Maintaining and Expanding our Urban Forest

Every Tree Counts is a collective movement in Toronto to grow our tree canopy to 40%. Whether planting a tree at home, school or work, donating to the cause, or simply taking care of the trees we have – we are greening Toronto together.

To meet the tree canopy target of 40% in the next 50 years, 300,000 trees must be planted in Toronto each year. The City’s estimates show only half this target is being met and that the greatest potential for planting is on private land, where currently only 25,000 trees are being planted annually.

That’s why everyone’s participation is critical to achieving Toronto’s tree canopy goals. Let’s get planting!

Since the program began, Every Tree Counts has:

  • Helped plant over 400,000 trees, shrubs and herbaceous plants.
  • Brought together organizations and citizen volunteers to grow our urban forest.
  • Inspired over 5,000 volunteers to plant more than 20,000 trees and plants annually.
  • Helped cut energy costs by over $10 million every year.
  • Reduced noise pollution and helped mitigate the effects of climate change.

There was also a report assessing urban forest effects and values. Data from this report shows:

  • Improved planning and management to sustain healthy tree populations can lead to improved environmental quality and quality of life for Toronto residents.
  • The development of a digital land and forest cover map for the entire city.
  • Developing improved long-term management plans and policies to sustain a healthy urban tree population and ecosystem services is important for future generations.
  • Consistent tree cover assessment methodology is needed.
  • Recommendations for future methods for canopy assessment within Toronto will be explored in more detail in the context of a strategic forest management plan.

One of our city’s most vital assets is the urban forest that grows within its boundaries. In fact, with its abundance of parks, trees and natural areas, Toronto has often been used as a green space benchmark by other North American cities. Become a partner in Every Tree Counts and help protect, maintain and expand our urban forest and natural environmental spaces.

For more information on the Every Tree Counts Program, please call 416-465-7555 or visit Every Tree Counts Program.


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