Be Part of an Entrepreneurship Success Story

Contribute towards support programs for 200,000+ small businesses and entrepreneurs, and help Toronto maintain its reputation as one of the greatest cities in the world in which to do business, as well as its top ranking when it comes to global competitiveness, innovation and quality of life, as seen through its multi-sector strength, a talented workforce and a powerful economic engine.

We invite you to join us in assisting Toronto entrepreneurs to succeed. Supporting these programs provides a unique opportunity for companies to reach the business men and women of today and tomorrow. Talk to us about partnership opportunities.

Support for Young Entrepreneurs

Enterprise Toronto’s Starter Company and Summer Company programs provide training and support for students and young adults looking to start or grow a business. The programs provide grants, customized training and mentorship to help young entrepreneurs succeed.

Opportunities for Low-Income Communities

Enterprise Toronto has developed a small business development program that provides in-class skills development, access to mentors, resources and important networking opportunities to help some of the most vulnerable in our community. The program aims to turn their passion and skills into viable income opportunities.

Business Bootcamp Program

The Business Bootcamp Program provides a structured training program for entrepreneurs through a series of in-person and on-line modules. Delivered monthly, the 36 in-depth training sessions provide entrepreneurs with interactive learning opportunities, tools and templates, and the skills they need to build and grow their business.

Networking Events

Enterprise Toronto delivers five large networking events each year – ranging from its StartUp Festival that draws 2,000+ attendees, to mid-range networking events with 500+ attendees covering topics such as Digital Marketing Trends, Small Business in the Cloud and the Money Forum. These networking events provide a mix of inspiring speakers, tactical tools for success, and the opportunity to build relationships with peers.

Enterprise Toronto

For those looking to start or grow a small business, Enterprise Toronto is a one-stop source that provides one-on-one support, business plan development assistance, training programs, mentoring and support navigating regulatory issues.

Last year, Enterprise Toronto had over 26,000 client engagements, drew over 280,000 unique visitors to, and delivered over 100 training and networking events that engaged 7,000+ entrepreneurs.