Notice to individuals or businesses who placed security deposits with the City of Toronto for any of the following:

  1. Environmental Peer Review (1999 – 2013):
    • Deposits relating to Environmental Site Assessment.
  2. Inspection Fees (2010 – 2014):
    • Overpayment of Inspection Fee related to bylaw enforcement.
  3. Municipal Infrastructure associated with Development (1997 – 2013):
    • Deposits for construction of watermain and sewers to support a new development or redevelopment that was approved through the Planning Act process.
  4. Right-of-Way Management (1998 – 2002):
    • Deposits relating to work within the public Right-of-Way; e.g. Driveway and sidewalk reconstruction.
  5. Solid Waste Deposits (1996 – 2010):
    • Deposits for garbage disposal and drop and load services.
  6. Site Plan Control Approval (2005 – 2010):
    • Deposits to secure the completion of development in accordance with Site Plan Control approvals. The majority of these securities related to residential properties adjacent to the City’s network of ravines.
  7. Technical Review (2012 – 2014):
    • Deposits relating to Toronto Water technical review.
  8. Traffic Control Signals (2000 – 2011):
    • Deposits relating to the installation and monitoring of traffic signals.

Applications for refunds will be subject to the following requirements:

  • The applicant must present legitimate documentation in the form of a cancelled cheque, receipts, etc., showing that funds were deposited with the City of Toronto for one of the above-mentioned matters during the relevant time period;
  • The applicant must submit other documentation as may be required by the City of Toronto;
  • The applicant must be the person who paid the deposit, or substantiate the reason why the deposit should be refunded to another individual;
  • The City of Toronto may refuse to issue a refund if the documentation submitted is insufficient or contradicts the City’s records; and
  • The person receiving the refund will have to indemnify and guarantee the City of Toronto that the request is the only claim for the unclaimed refund that had been made for a specific property.


Requests for the unclaimed deposits stated in this notice will be accepted until September 30, 2018. Any unclaimed deposits after this date will be forfeited.


Download Deposit Refund Claim Form

Requests for refund can be sent:

By email to:

By mail to: Manager, Revenue Services
19th Floor, Metro Hall
55 John Street
Toronto, ON M5V 3C6