Use this form to get detailed information about an incident where Toronto Fire Services responded.


As of April 1, 2018 the fee for an Incident Report has changed to $83.74 per request.


Application Fee


Completion of the Form

The form may be filled out on a computer and printed or, you may print the form and fill it in with pen.

  1. Print your name, address and phone number. Don’t forget to provide a phone number to allow Toronto Fire Services staff to contact you if needed.
  2. Provide a detailed (as detailed as possible) description of the incident you are looking for.
  3. Sign the form.
  4. Include the application fee.
  5. Send or deliver completed form to:
    Toronto Fire Services
    Incident Reports/RMS Section
    4330 Dufferin St.
    Toronto, ON M3H 5R9

A copy of the incident report will be sent by regular mail to the mailing address provided on the form unless a Canada Post strike occurs.

Please allow 30 days for processing from the time the form and payment have been received.


Inquiries can be made by calling 416-338-9338 or by email.