The key functions of the Municipal Licensing and Standards Division (MLS) in licensing include issuing and renewing business and trade licences, as well as conducting various inspection and enforcement activities. The Licensing Enforcement Unit is divided into three districts: East, Central, and West. The objective of our audit was to assess the effectiveness and efficiency of MLS’s licensing operations. Most of our analyses focused on 2015 and 2016 data, and stationary licences (businesses with fixed addresses).

Why This Audit Matters

By-law 545 gives the City’s Municipal Licensing and Standards Division (MLS) the power to license and inspect a variety of businesses and trades in the City. The purpose of licensing is to ensure “public health and safety, consumer protection and nuisance control”. Verifying that businesses are properly licenced helps to ensure that these objectives are met.

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A Review of Municipal Licensing and Standards Division’s Management of Business Licences – Part One: Licence Issuance, Inspection and Complaint Investigation Functions – October 24, 2017

Audit Committee Agenda Item

AU10.2 – October 27, 2017