Holistic services are defined as “Any modality used as a tool for therapeutic and wellness purposes…”

In a 2014 presentation about holistic centres, the City’s Municipal Licensing and Standards Division (MLS) indicated that “the majority of the individuals who were issued a holistic centre and/or a holistic practitioner’s licence by the City are offering body rub services.”

Body-rub parlours and body-rubbers must meet health and safety requirements in order to be licensed. For example, body-rubbers must undergo a medical examination, and a licensed body-rub parlour can only be located in a certain zone away from residential zones, schools or places of worship. Holistic centres and practitioners are not required to meet the same requirements.

Why This Audit Matters

Clear, specific and enforceable bylaws help to ensure that City By-law objectives are enforced in a cost-effective manner. We recognize there are legitimate licensed holistic centres and practitioners. However, for those providing unauthorized services, aside from potentially being a violation to the City’s licensing and zoning bylaws, these centres could potentially pose an array of health, safety and community issues, including the risk of human trafficking.

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A Review of Municipal Licensing and Standards Division’s Management of Business Licences – Part Two: Licensed Holistic Centres – October 24, 2017

Audit Committee Agenda Item

AU10.3 – October 27, 2017