Mandate and Responsibilities

In October 2008, City Council approved the establishment of Build Toronto Inc. under the authority of the City of Toronto Act, 2006 and Ontario Regulation 609/06. Build Toronto is incorporated under the Business Corporations Act, with the City of Toronto as its sole shareholder. The mandate of Build Toronto is to unlock the value in under-utilized lands and use the available land base of the City and its agencies to attract targeted industries, stimulate the creation of desirable employment, and regenerate neighbourhoods.

The Board of Directors is responsible for supervising the management of the business and affairs of Build Toronto, including the following specific activities:

  • developing City and City agency surplus lands and excess real estate with development potential;
  • working with other sectors in urban regeneration;
  • remediating brownfields;
  • catalyst development;
  • recommending to the City optimal use of City real estate holdings; and
  • using financial incentive tools as provided by the City.

“Developing” is intended to imply a wide range of activities focused on unlocking value including acquisition and disposition of properties, project management, financing, environmental remediation, planning and rezoning and joint ventures with other private and public sector organizations.

Board Size and Composition

The Board of Directors consists of 11 members and is composed of:

  • the Mayor, or a Council Member who the Mayor recommends as a designate and is appointed by City Council;
  • the Chair of Economic Development Committee;
  • the Chair of Planning and Growth Management Committee; and
  • 8 citizen members.

Chair and Vice-Chair

The Mayor is the Chair except where a Mayor’s designate is appointed in which case the Mayor’s designate is the Vice-Chair and City Council appoints one of the citizen members as the Chair.

Eligibility Requirements

Citizens are eligible for appointment to the Board of Directors, and eligible to remain on the Board after being appointed, if they satisfy the eligibility requirements for appointment as set out in the City’s Public Appointments Policy.


Citizen members of the Board of Directors should collectively demonstrate a range of qualifications including:

  • real estate law;
  • planning and development;
  • capital financing;
  • environmental remediation; and
  • construction.

In addition, at least one member must have financial management expertise.

Appointments Process – Citizen Members

Citizen members are recruited through an advertised recruitment process. The appointments process is conducted according to the policies and procedures in the City’s Public Appointments Policy by a Corporation Nominating Panel appointed by the Mayor. A search consultant may be engaged to assist the Panel during the process.


Board meetings are approximately every month or at the call of the Chair. Board meetings are open to the public, except for meetings or parts of meetings where a subject matter is being considered that is set out in section 190 of the City of Toronto Act, 2006.


Citizen Chair:  $40,000 annual retainer (no meeting fees).

Citizen Vice-Chair, if the Mayor is Chair:  $30,000 annual retainer (no meeting fees).

Citizen Vice-Chair, if a Citizen is Chair:  same remuneration as for a Citizen Member.

Citizen Member:  $5,000 annual retainer plus $500 per meeting fee, up to a maximum total annual remuneration of $15,000.

No remuneration is paid to Council Members on the Board.