Under the City of Toronto Act, 2006, the Board of Directors of CreateTO is a city board and City Council determines its mandate and structure.

At its meeting of May 24, 25 and 26, 2017, City Council established a new City agency and delegated its authority to manage the City’s real estate portfolio, develop City buildings and lands for municipal purposes and deliver client focused real estate solutions to City Divisions, Agencies and Corporations. For more information, see EX25.9: City-Wide Real Estate Transformation.

The new agency, CreateTO, is part of the new real estate service delivery model that centralizes all real estate activities City-wide, including all real estate strategy and portfolio planning, major building projects, developments, real estate transactions and facilities management.

The Board of directors consists of 9 members and is composed of:

  • The Mayor, or a designate recommended by the Mayor and appointed by City Council;
  • 2 members of Council; and
  • 6 public members.

No two Council Members shall be from the same Community Council area.

City Council appoints the Chair of the Board of directors from among the Board’s public members. The Board elects a Vice-Chair from amongst its members.

Residents of Toronto are eligible for appointment to the Board of directors, and eligible to remain on the Board after being appointed, if they satisfy the eligibility requirements for appointment as set out in the City’s Public Appointments Policy.

Public members should collectively have the following skills, experience, and expertise:

  • Executive level experience in a major public, private, or not-for-profit organization;
  • Senior level experience and professional skills in real estate, property development, urban planning, facilities management, investment industry, infrastructure delivery, community development, economic development, brownfield remediation, or environmental sustainability;
  • Experience in large-scale transformative change and implementing complex business strategies;
  • Post-graduate degree preferred in any one of the following fields: finance, business, economics, risk management, accounting, public administration, urban planning, engineering, or law; and/or
  • A certificate in board governance or training in a related field, such as director’s education, is preferred.

In addition to the above qualifications for public members, the Chair should have the following skills, experience, and expertise:

  • Leadership and administrative skills;
  • Highly-developed chairing and facilitation skills; and
  • The ability to effectively represent the board and communicate with City Council, City Committees, City staff, the media, and the public.

Citizen members of the Board are recruited through an advertised recruitment process.  The appointments process is conducted according to the policies and procedures in the City’s Public Appointments Policy.

The Board meets approximately 7 times a year or at the call of the Chair. Board meetings are open to the public, except for meetings or parts of meetings where a subject matter is being considered that is set out in section 190 (2) of the City of Toronto Act, 2006.

Public Board members: $10,000 annual retainer and $500 per board meeting attended up to a maximum total retainer amount of $20,000 per annum.

Chair of the Board: $50,000 annual retainer and $500 per meeting attended up to a maximum total retainer amount of $70,000 per annum.

No remuneration is paid to Council Members on the Board.