The Toronto Licensing Tribunal hears matters relating to a wide variety of licenses that are issued by the City’s Municipal Licensing and Standards Division including for example, licenses for taxis, restaurants, limousines, tow trucks and building contractors. The Toronto Licensing Tribunal holds hearings to consider whether a license should be issued, refused, suspended, revoked or have conditions placed upon it.

The Toronto Licensing Tribunal is expected to determine the extent to which an applicant’s or licensee’s individual circumstances and qualifications meet the requirements of the Municipal Code, and have regard for the need to balance the protection of the public interest with the need for licensees to make a livelihood.

The Toronto Licensing Tribunal’s mandate is set out in Chapter 545 (Licensing) of the Toronto Municipal Code.

Follow this link for information on the Board governance structure for the Toronto Licensing Tribunal.

2018 Operating Budget

The 2018 budget for the Toronto Licensing Tribunal is $577,000. In 2017, the Toronto Licensing Tribunal dealt with 336 licensing and enforcement matters at 51 meetings.

The Toronto Licensing Tribunal operating budget and meeting management support is provided through the Court Services Division.