The Board of Health, through the work of Toronto Public Health (TPH):

  • Ensures public health programs and services are delivered according to provincial standards and in response to local needs;
  • Works with TPH staff to develop strategic plans, goals and policies for TPH and ensures that these plans are efficiently implemented;
  • Advises City Council on a broad range of health issues; and
  • Recommends to Council annual capital and operating budgets.

TPH’s mission is to reduce health inequalities and improve the health of the whole population to ensure a Healthy City for AllSeveral key principles guide the work of TPH:

  • Accountability;
  • Community Engagement;
  • Excellence;
  • Diversity; and
  • Health Equity.

Follow this link for information on the Board governance structure for the Board of Health.

2014 Service Overview

Infectious Diseases

Provides services that reduce the occurrence and transmission of infectious diseases through public education, surveillance, case and contact management, immunization and outbreak response.

Major activities include:

  • The Vaccine Preventable Diseases (VPD) program annually assesses immunization records for all students enrolled in Toronto schools, offers specific vaccines to school age children and immunizes thousands of residents annually as part of the provincial Universal Influenza Immunization Program.
  • The Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) case management program provides comprehensive assessment, counselling, referral and partner notification of sexually transmitted infections annually.
  • The AIDS and Sexual Health Information Line provides telephone counselling.
  • Thirteen Sexual Health clinics provide services across the city, including STI testing and free treatment, provision of low cost birth control and pregnancy testing and referral.

Environmental Health

Promotes safety of food and beverages in restaurants and processing plants including inspection of over 17,000 food premises in the City of Toronto to ensure compliance with provincial food safety standards including:

  • Other Environmental Health services include education, training and certification on safe food preparation, handling and processing for food premise operators as well food safety education for the general public; and
  • Environmental Health monitors drinking water and recreational water quality (beaches, spas, pools) to ensure compliance with provincial standards, and notifies stakeholders in the event of adverse water quality conditions.

Family Health

Promotes and supports the health of 30,000 babies born annually in Toronto including the health behaviours and environments for people in their childbearing years, pregnant women, and their partners. Programs and services focus on enhancing birth outcomes, promoting readiness to parents, supporting positive and effective parenting including in high-risk families, and enhancing the physical, cognitive, communicative and psycho-social development of children.

Supports good oral health by providing screening of school aged children, preventive dental services, basic dental treatment for low income children and seniors, through the Children in Need of Treatment (CINOT) and Ontario Works, Healthy Smiles Ontario, and municipal dental treatment programs, and provides dental services for seniors in collective living centers.

Chronic Diseases & Injury Prevention

Promotes behaviours that reduce the risk of chronic disease. This program delivers promotion and prevention campaigns and services focusing on Cancer Prevention and Early Detection; Nutrition Promotion; Physical Activity Promotion; Tobacco Use Prevention and Cessation; and Injury/Substance Misuse Prevention.

Public Health Emergency Preparedness

Ensures TPH is able to respond effectively during a public health crisis. Major activities include:

  • Developing and maintaining emergency response plans which include arrangements and processes to respond to and recover from a variety of public health emergencies such as an influenza pandemic or large scale infectious disease outbreak; and
  • Conducting exercises and training courses on emergency preparedness, response and recovery including the Incident Management System (IMS).

Public Health Foundations

Provides population health assessment, surveillance, research and knowledge exchange, and program evaluation to inform public health programs, Board of Health decision making and stakeholder relations, and provincial reporting.

2014 Operating Budget

Service 2014 Approved Budget ($000’s)






2014 Capital Budget

The 2014 Capital Budget for Toronto Public Health is $4.8 million.