The Board of Management of the Toronto Zoo (Toronto Zoo) oversees the strategic and operational management of the Zoo on behalf of the City. The Board provides direction to Zoo management on matters such as strategic policy, financial planning, effective program delivery, and compliance with applicable legislation and City Council directives.

Follow this link for information on the Board governance structure for the Board of Management of the Toronto Zoo.

The Toronto Zoo’s mission is to make the Zoo a dynamic and exciting place that inspires the public to love, respect and protect wildlife and wild spaces. The Toronto Zoo, as outlined in its 2009 Strategic Plan, strives to:

  • Nurture a culture of best practice, passion and commitment;
  • Protect wildlife populations and the places that sustain them by demonstrating environmental leadership through model conservation programs and partnerships;
  • Offer compelling education and outreach experiences to inspire people to care about wildlife and protect habitats;
  • Deliver a guest experience that is fun, welcoming, interactive and shows our commitment to sustainable living;
  • Create dynamic habitats that celebrate the spectrum of plants and animals and connect people with nature;
  • Invest in renewal of the Zoo’s infrastructure and support systems with a commitment to state-of-the-art facilities, equipment and environmental best practices; and
  • Build revenue streams, fundraising capacity and strategic relationships.

The Toronto Zoo is currently preparing a new Strategic Plan which once approved, will set the strategic direction of the Zoo for the next five years.

2014 Service Overview

The Toronto Zoo provides four key services – Conservation Education & Research, Operations & Administration, Marketing & Communications, and Development.

2014 Operating Budget

Service 2014 Approved Budget ($000’s)







The Toronto Zoo’s ten year (2104-2023) capital budget is $60 million.

The development of a new Capital Master Plan in 2015 will inform the long term capital plan for the Zoo and ensure the coordinated growth of the Zoo’s facilities and functions. The City owns the Zoo’s physical assets.