Mandate and Responsibilities

Known formally as the Toronto Waterfront Revitalization Corporation, Waterfront Toronto is a partnered corporation of the City of Toronto. Waterfront Toronto was established in 2001 by the Governments of Canada, Ontario and the City of Toronto to oversee and deliver the revitalization of Toronto’s waterfront. Waterfront Toronto was continued as a corporation without share capital under the Toronto Waterfront Revitalization Act, 2002, as amended. The three governments provided $500 million each in seed capital for a 25-year mandate to transform 800 hectares (2,000 acres) of brownfield lands on Toronto’s waterfront into beautiful, accessible, sustainable mixed-use communities and dynamic public spaces.

As set out in the Act, Waterfront Toronto’s objects include:

  • implementing a plan that enhances the economic, social and cultural value of the land in the designated waterfront area and creates an accessible and active waterfront for living, working and recreation, and to do so in a fiscally and environmentally responsible manner;
  • ensuring that ongoing development in the designated waterfront area can continue in a financially self-sustaining manner;
  • promoting and encouraging the involvement of the private sector in the development of the designated waterfront area; and
  • encouraging public input into the development of the designated waterfront area.

The Board of Directors is responsible for supervising the management of the business and affairs of Waterfront Toronto.

Board Size and Composition

The Board of Directors may consist of up to 13 members composed of:

  • the City of Toronto appoints a maximum of four Directors, one of whom may be an elected official (City Council currently appoints the Mayor or the Mayor’s designate);
  • the Province of Ontario appoints a maximum of four Directors, one of whom may be an elected official;
  • the Government of Canada appoints a maximum of four Directors; and
  • the Chair is appointed jointly by the three Governments, and may be one of the Directors appointed by one of the Governments or may be an additional appointee to the Board.

The Board of Directors currently consists of 12 members.

Chair and Vice-Chair

Currently, one of the citizen members appointed by the City is also jointly appointed by the three Governments as the Chair of the Board.

Eligibility Requirements

Citizens are eligible for appointment to the Board of Directors, and eligible to remain on the Board after being appointed, if they satisfy the eligibility requirements for appointment as set out in the City’s Public Appointments Policy.

Under the Toronto Waterfront Revitalization Corporation Act, 2002, an applicant is ineligible for appointment if he or she is an employee of the Government of Canada or one of its agencies, the Government of Ontario or one of its agencies, or the City of Toronto or a local board of the City.


Board members should have served as a director in the public or private sectors, demonstrating leadership in areas including, but not limited to:

  • urban planning and development;
  • brown field remediation;
  • environmental sustainability;
  • economic development;
  • development financing;
  • human resources; and
  • successful implementation of complex business strategies and/or comprehensive city building initiatives that include affordable housing, parks and public spaces, and cultural and recreational facilities.

Board members should also have experience and understanding of public processes and demonstrate understanding of the principles of public accountability, integrity and inclusiveness.

Appointments Process – Citizen Members

Citizen members are recruited through an advertised recruitment process. The appointments process is conducted according to the policies and procedures in the City’s Public Appointments Policy by a Corporation Nominating Panel appointed by the Mayor. A search consultant may be engaged to assist the Panel during the process.


Board meetings are approximately every month or at the call of the Chair. Board meetings are open to the public, except for meetings or parts of meetings where a subject matter is being considered that is set out in section 190 of the City of Toronto Act, 2006.


Citizen Chair (Board):  $30,000 annual retainer, plus $500 per Board and Committee meeting.

Citizen Committee Chairs:  $7,500 annual retainer, plus $500 per Board and Committee meeting.

Citizen Members:  $5,000 annual retainer, plus $500 per Board and Committee meeting.

No remuneration is paid to the elected official appointed to the Board by the City.