RecoveryTO is a snapshot of the City's recovery and rebuild '6 for the 6ix' themes of COVID-19 Recovery-related City decisions, reports, data, dashboards, and media announcements

Corporate Strategic Plan

The Corporate Strategic Plan is guided by City Council’s vision, Toronto’s motto and the Toronto Public Service’s mission. It identifies our organization’s strategic areas of focus and is grounded in our commitment to our people, partnerships, and performance.

Toronto Progress Portal

Toronto participates in several performance measurement and reporting initiatives that help identify the areas where we're doing well and areas where we need to improve.

Toronto's Budget

The City budget determines how much money the City will raise and spend within a year.

Long-Term Financial Plan

The Plan helps set Council priorities, aids in the annual budget process and enables future-year financial planning. It also forms a blueprint for discussions between the City and such funding partners as the federal and provincial governments.

Special Committee on Governance Consultations

The City is holding consultations to help residents learn about how City Council's governance, including how the City & Council identifies issues, engages the public and makes decisions; and to contribute their ideas for the Special Committee to consider.

City of Toronto’s Ward Boundaries

Before Bill 5, Better Local Government Act established the City’s 25 wards, Toronto City Council had approved a new 47 ward model. Find more information about 2014-17 Toronto Ward Boundary Review.

Service Review Program

The Service Review Program helps the City Manager and Council to identify what services the City should deliver, how they can be more cost efficient and effective, and how we should pay for them.

Expanded Gaming at Woodbine Racetrack – 555 Rexdale Blvd

The gaming facility at Woodbine Racetrack, has approximately 3,000 electronic games, but no live-dealer tables. To expand gaming at Woodbine Racetrack, the Province of Ontario requires a resolution of support from City Council.