The City of Toronto has submitted its proposal to the Federal Smart Cities Challenge, a competition for up to $50 million in funding to create a smart program or service that will improve the lives of residents through innovation, data and technology.

The City of Toronto’s proposal was developed from ideas submitted by you – members of the public, community groups, academic institutions, businesses and City staff. Thank you for thinking big and sharing your ideas!

Our Proposal

Child poverty rates are linked to their caregiver’s income. Our Smart Cities Challenge proposal aims to significantly reduce child poverty for children living in Toronto’s older high-rise rental apartment communities (built before 1985) by enhancing economic opportunities for their families and removing barriers to employment, education, training, and social and cultural opportunities.

This will be achieved by:

  • the development of a digital platform that will bring together information about employment, training and services as well as social and cultural opportunities. This platform will be tailored to the specific needs of low-income families living in high-rise rental apartment communities and developed in collaboration with public, private and community stakeholders, including community residents.
  • providing affordable high-speed internet access in high-rise rental apartment communities.
  • training opportunities to develop in-demand digital knowledge and skills and increase digital literacy.

Read the full proposal (PDF) for more information.

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Next Steps

This summer Infrastructure Canada will announce the competition finalists.

Other Smart Initiatives

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