The Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) is a network of bus, streetcar, wheel-trans and subway. Each is interdependent on the other, with seamless transfers made by passengers from mode to mode on one fare. The Transit Control Centre, safety and security, and specialized trades all work together to deliver transit in Toronto, regardless of mode. It’s this interdependency that makes up a network.

Public transit services in Toronto are integral to the city and region’s vitality. The TTC system makes up 85 per cent of all public transit trips in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area. It recovers 70 per cent of its operating budget from the fare box, making it one of North America’s most efficient transit systems.

Through the City of Toronto Act, 2006, City Council has delegated responsibility for decision-making regarding establishment, operations and maintenance of local public transportation services to the TTC Board. The TTC Board is comprised of local councillors and citizen members, appointed by Toronto City Council. Annually, City Council approves TTC’s operating and 10-year capital budget and plan.

For more information on how transit operations is currently funded in Toronto, see the TTC budget.