As one integrated team focused on service and results, the Human Resources Division provides human resources leadership to enable the City of Toronto to achieve its service and business goals. Human Resources supports divisional clients by:

  • managing recruitment processes and job evaluation and pay equity systems and programs
  • developing and updating corporate human resources policies
  • maintaining HR data and systems
  • developing and offering corporate learning and leadership development programs
  • supporting leaders with strategic workforce planning and reporting
  • building and sustaining collaborative labour relations practices and programs
  • developing, implementing and monitoring occupational health and safety programs
  • promoting and supporting effective disability management and return to work programs
  • providing oversight and support in administrating fair wage policy

Executive Director

Barbara Shulman (Acting)

Staff Directory

Business Units

Employee & Labour Relations develops and maintains harmonious working relationships among managers, employees, unions and staff associations. We:

  • administer the requirements of the collective agreements
  • manage the collective bargaining process
  • provide expertise in issues management and conflict resolution

HR Systems & Management Services provides decision making support to Human Resources and City divisions. We:

  • develop and maintain HR systems and data
  • provide issues management expertise
  • administer the HR budget
  • ensure contractors meet the requirements of the Fair Wage Policy and labour trade contractual obligations

Occupational Health & Safety fosters a safe and healthy work environment for City of Toronto employees. We:

  • provide leadership and advice in support of injury and illness prevention
  • promote effective disability management and return to work programs
  • develop, implement and monitor health and safety programs
  • partner with City divisions to achieve legislative compliance

Organization Development, Learning & Workforce Planning is committed to building a skilled, knowledgeable and productive workforce at the City of Toronto. We:

  • lead corporate learning initiatives
  • cultivate talented managers and senior professionals
  • engage in strategic workforce planning and reporting

Strategic Recruitment, Compensation & Employment Services assists the City of Toronto to attract and retain a skilled, high-performing and diverse workforce. We:

  • manage all aspects of the hiring process – outreach, recruitment and selection
  • support the City’s commitment to diversity and inclusion
  • develop compensation programs and policies, ensuring compliance with legislation