A Healthy City for All

Mission Statement

Toronto Public Health (TPH) reduces health inequities and improves the health of the whole population

Foundational Principles

The following foundational principles provide a framework within which the priority directions and actions for 2015-2019 are developed and implemented. These principles reflect underlying values that guide our shared aspirations in working to achieve a healthy city for all.

Accountability and transparency

  • TPH provides service to meet the public health needs of the city, community and families we serve.
  • TPH is accountable to the Board of Health, Toronto City Council, the Government of Ontario, and to the people of Toronto.
  • TPH makes wise use of human and financial resources; delivers effective services in compliance with the Ontario Public Health Standards; and publicly reports our actions and results.

Community engagement

  • TPH is committed to civic engagement, collaborating with community stakeholders, partners and the public to assess health needs, support strong communities, and provide responsive services and policy that protect and promote health.


  • TPH embraces diversity, in all its dimensions, as an asset and promotes respect for all.
  • TPH strives for equity and inclusion in our work environment and in the provision of services to the communities we serve.

Health equity

  • TPH is a leader in reducing health inequities by working to address unfair and avoidable differences in health outcomes between groups.
  • TPH collaborates to identify and respond to health needs of vulnerable populations by providing accessible services and advocating for policies that address the social determinants of health.


  • TPH is committed to excellence through the use of evidence in service and policy decisions, continuous measurement and improvement of performance, fostering a culture of innovation, and supporting staff learning.