Information Type Information Comment
Policy and Council Documents Council waterfront reports that are not “in camera,” including reports on precinct plans, secondary plans, zoning by-laws, governance structures and City-led public meetings. Web link provided upon submission to Council
 Information required to recruit City-appointed members to the Board of Directors and background on the selected representatives.  Recruitment opportunities publicly advertised in media and on City web site. Selected candidates and their backgrounds posted on WT web site
Financial Documents City’s reports to Council on the 5-Year Business Plan, 10-Year Forecast for the waterfront. Web link or PDF electronic format provided
Project Implementation Final RFP documents, design proposals and winning submissions for waterfront initiatives led by the Waterfront Secretariat. Web link or PDF electronic format provided
Communications City media releases, advisories, announcements and backgrounders on specific City-led waterfront events, initiatives and issues. Provided in PDF electronic format
 Tri-government media releases, media
advisories, announcements, backgrounders on specific waterfront events, initiatives and issues.
Provided in PDF electronic format
Waterfront Toronto Materials Project-specific information about waterfront redevelopment in the designated waterfront area including master plans, precinct plans, design competitions, media information and financial documents. Available through Waterfront Toronto website
Confidential Documents  A number of City documents are generally not available to the public. These include documents received in confidence from other governments or third parties, procurement documents and reports that disclose personal information or are the subject of a legal investigation, personal information gathered at public meetings including on sign-in sheets as well as draft by-laws and “in camera” Council reports that have not been publicly considered. The Waterfront Secretariat will consult with the appropriate City representatives to assess information requests on an individual basis.
Other Records The City holds a wide number of general records and personal information banks, all of which are controlled by provincial or federal legislation. An online list and detailed description of the City’s general classes or types of records and personal information banks is available.