On January 1, 2020, the City of Toronto transitioned its Civic Innovation Office team into the newly-formed Customer Experience Transformation and Innovation (CXi) program.

The CXi program was established in the fall of 2019 to unify the City’s customer service initiatives and focus on improving the customer experience. This program will focus on meaningful and complex challenges affecting residents of Toronto through new tools, technology, ideas and approaches.

The CXi program continues to be part of the Bloomberg Philanthropies’ global Innovation Teams (i-team) network. Bloomberg Philanthropies has been funding i-teams around the world to help city leaders drive bold innovation, change culture and create an ongoing ability to tackle big problems for residents.

CXi Program Goals

  1. Better meet the evolving expectations of the City’s customers;
  2. Accelerate development of services that are valuable to customers;
  3. Build trust and confidence in government through more integrated and consistent services;
  4. Obtain the best possible value from investments in technology platforms; and
  5. Create an environment that encourages self-service and confidence when interacting with the City.

About i-Teams

Toronto is the first Canadian city to join Bloomberg Philanthropies’ global network of Innovation Teams. Now working in 24 cities across four countries, the Innovation Teams Program helps cities solve problems in new ways to deliver better results for residents. Bloomberg Philanthropies awards cities multi-year grants to create in-house innovation teams, or “i-teams,” which offer cities a different set of tools and techniques to innovate more effectively and tackle critical challenges—from reducing violent crime to revitalizing neighborhoods and strengthening the environment for small businesses.


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