A guide to accountability at the City, including the role of the Accountability Officers.

Affordable Housing

A guide to affordable housing issues and programs in Toronto.

City Agencies & Corporations

A guide to the City of Toronto's Agencies and Corporations.

City Council & its Committees

A guide to Toronto City Council and Its Committees.

City Planning

A guide to City Planning, including the planning process and the role of the public.


A guide to City decision-making processes, including where the City gets it powers and how Council operates.

Role of the City, Provincial & Federal Government

A guide outlining which programs and services are provided by the municipal, provincial and federal government.

The Roles of the Mayor & City Council

A guide to the roles of the Mayor and City Council.

Toronto Public Service

An introductory guide to the Toronto Public Service.

Ward All-Candidate Meetings

A guide to hosting Ward All-Candidates Meetings for municipal elections.