Affordable Housing in the City of Toronto

Toronto continues to be a leader in responding to the need for affordable housing. This is reflected in the Housing Opportunities Toronto (HOT) Action Plan 2010-2020 adopted by Toronto City Council in 2009. HOT is assisting a cross-section of Torontonians, from people living on the street to seniors struggling to maintain and repair their own homes. A key component is the Toronto Housing Charter – Opportunity For All – which states that all residents have the right to equal treatment in housing without discrimination as provided by the Ontario Human Rights Code.

The City’s “housing first” strategy is the basis for the Streets to Homes program, a strategy to end homelessness by assisting people to find permanent housing and providing appropriate supports so they can remain in their homes. Tackling the lack of affordable housing is a city-wide issue. Households living in unaffordable or unsuitable housing are found in every corner and neighbourhood of Toronto. For example:

  • One in five Toronto residents live in housing they cannot afford, that is too small for their needs, or that requires significant repair.
  • The 82,000 families and individuals on the City’s ‘Housing Connections’ subsidized housing waiting list live in every ward.
  • Public and private rental housing throughout Toronto requires investment to achieve and maintain a good state of repair.

Affordable Housing learning guide brochure