The City’s Administrative Structure

The Toronto Public Service implements the priorities and directions of Council and is responsible for the delivery of more than 50 major services that have continuous impact on residents and Toronto’s quality of life. Many services are provided around the clock, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Toronto Public Service learning guide brochure.

Toronto Public Service Values

The Toronto Public Service is guided by the City’s:

  • Motto: Diversity Our Strength
  • Mission statement: To serve a great City and its people.
  • Toronto Public Service Framework: 3 Pillars – Service, Stewardship and Commitment

The Toronto Public Service Framework, along with a Charter of Expectations, fosters a culture that sets the highest standard of integrity, professionalism and ethical behaviour, and informs the public about what they can expect from public employees.

The Charter specifies that members of the Toronto Public Service will:

  • Act with integrity;
  • Apply judgment and discretion;
  • Serve the public well;
  • Serve Council well;
  • Serve the public service well;
  • Maintain political neutrality; and
  • Use City property, services and resources responsibly.

Customer Service

The City of Toronto aims to deliver exceptional, equitable and accessible customer service.

All City of Toronto divisions have service standards that detail the necessary time to deliver services to Toronto’s residents and businesses. These customer service standards are made available to better inform citizens about when they can expect requested services to be delivered.

City divisions have also established customer service complaint protocols based on corporate complaint handling guidelines.