Meeting took place at the All Saints Church Main Hall at 4:30 p.m. on November 21, 2018.


  • Howard Freedman (HF), Former Seaton House Resident
  • Jeannette Kruger (JK), Community Occupational Therapists Assoc. (COTA)
  • Jo Connelly (JC), Inner City Family Health Team
  • Glen Simourd (GS), Garden District Residents’ Assoc (GDRA)
  • Joy Connelly (JyC), Connelly Consulting Services
  • Nick Culverwell (NC), GDRA
  • Kapri Rabin (KR), Street Health
  • Lauro Monteiro (LM), Haven Toronto
  • Rhona Zitney (RZ), Fred Victor
  • Nick Pezzu (NP), GDRA
  • Sharon Llewellyn (SL), CUPE Local 79
  • Wang Choi (WC), GDRA
  • Rudy Mumm (RM), City of Toronto
  • Riaz Shaikh (RS), City of Toronto
  • Tracy Campbell (TC), City of Toronto
  • Aderonke Akande (AA), City of Toronto
  • Anika Harford (AH), City of Toronto
  • Celine Maiolino (CM), City of Toronto
  • Deb Thivierge (DT), City of Toronto
  • Mark van Elsberg (MV), City of Toronto
  • Randy Mclean (RMc), City of Toronto
  • Raymund Gonzales (RG), PRISM Partners Inc.

Meeting Objectives

Meeting was called to update the stakeholders on the George Street Revitalization (GSR) project status and schedule, and to discuss elements of the Seaton House transition plan, the public realm and the community hub.

General Discussion

Refer to the PowerPoint Presentation.

  • DT facilitated the meeting and introduced the City representatives who gave respective updates.
  • RM discussed the project’s milestone dates.
  • AA discussed the features of the Community Hub.
  • TC discussed the highlights of the preparations for the Transition plan.
  • MV discussed the key components of the proposed Public Realm for the area.

Members’ Questions

  • What are the capacities of transition sites? Net new capacities?
    • The capacities were discussed and will be distributed to SRG members with these notes.
  • What are the features of the public gathering space?
    • [Refer back to the PowerPoint presentation.] The basics have been laid out based on previous consultations but further consultations will take place over the next few years.
  • What will happen to the Filmore’s establishment at Dundas and George?
    • No one knows but we take note of the high level of development occurring in the area.
  • What kind of Health Services will be available?
    • We are working with the Inner City Family Health Team and Inner City Health Associates.
  • Transitional Living Program
    • For men and women with higher health needs. Will include the Managed Alcohol Program. “Transition” may be from a few months to a few years until the client stabilizes and other suitable accommodation can be found.
  • Will there be a separate police unit within GSR?
    • No. It is up to 51 Division what kind of policing presence they establish in the area.

Members’ Comments

  • There should be a central intake for the homeless.
  • Neighborhood change is possible similar to how Regent Park was transformed.

Next Steps

  • The presented slide deck will be made available on the GSR web pages
  • There will be an update report about the Community Hub in mid-2019

Meeting ended at 5:57 p.m.