201 University Avenue

June 4th 1932

To His Worship Mayor Stewart
City Hall

Dear Sir,

Having been one of the many thousands of unemployed men in your city, and received shelter and board at Seaton House under Mr. Hammond, just at a time when things seemed bleak and hopeless, I now beg to tender to you, as Civic Head, my real and heartfelt thanks and gratitude for the provisions made by the City for those seeking work, but now unemployed. I am glad I have now got work, and hope to provide for myself, during summer at least.

On my leaving Seaton House, I feel it a duty, in this way, to acknowledge the very able and human administration of this Hostel, as carried out by JW Hammond and those under him. Mr. Hammond, with very hopeful and kindly advice is a real help in a difficult time. I am, Dear Sir,


Yours faithfully,