The following is the list of flag raisings for the current term of council, for flags that will be raised on the courtesy flagpole at City Hall, unless otherwise noted.

Please note, ceremony times may be subject to change.


October 6
Build a Dream
International Day of the Girl

October 15
End Breast Cancer
Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October 18
Republic of Cuba
26th anniversary of the Toronto-Cuba Friendship

October 21
Republic of Hungary
Commemoration of the Hungarian Revolution of 1956

October 22
End Polio Now
World Polio Day

October 25
Little People of Ontario
Dwarfism & Acceptance Month

October 27
St. Vincent and the Grenadines
Independence Day


September 2
Flag of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam
Independence Day

September 3
End PKD Day Flag
National Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) Awareness Day on September 4

September 7
Flag of the Federative Republic of Brazil
Independence Day

September 13
Flag of the Republic of El Salvador
Bicentennial of Independence

September 16
Flag of the United Mexican States
Independence Day

September 17
Flag of the Republic of Chile
Independence Day on September 18

September 20
Tree City of the World Flag
To celebrate Toronto’s recognition as a ‘Tree City of the World’

September 21
Republic of Armenia
Independence Day

September 22
Flag of the Wiphala
Wiphala Day on September 19

September 24
Franco Ontario Day Flag
To commemorate Franco-Ontario Day on September 25


August 3
Flag of Jamaica
Independence Day on August 6

August 6
Flag of the Plurinational State of Bolivia
Independence Day

August 10
Flag of the Republic of Ecuador
Independence Day

August 13
Pan-African Flag
101st Anniversary of the founding of the flag
Scarborough Civic Centre

August 17
Flag of the Republic of Indonesia
Independence Day

August 23
Remember the 400 Flag
Emancipation Month

August 24
Canadian Paralympic Committee
To mark the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games
Queen Street Courtesy flagpole

August 24
Flag of Ukraine
Independence Day

August 25
Flag of the Eastern Republic of Uruguay
National Day

August 31
Flag of International Overdose Awareness Day
International Overdose Awareness Day – Moms Stop the Harm


July 2
United States of America
Independence Day on July 4

July 13
Flag of Montenegro
National Day

July 14
Flag of the Republic of France
National Day

July 20
Flag of the Republic of Colombia
National Day

July 23
Canadian Olympic Committee flag
To mark the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games
Queen Street Courtesy flagpole

July 28
Flag of the Republic of Peru
Independence Day

July 30
Black Liberation Flag
Emancipation Month kick off


June 1
Rainbow & Transgender Flag
Pride Month

June 2
Italian Republic
Republic Day

June 6
The City of Toronto flag that flew on Juno Beach on April 6, 2019 will be flown today

June 10
Flag of the Republic of Portugal
National Day

June 11
Flag of the Republic of the Philippines
National Day on June 12

June 24
Flag of the Republic of Slovenia
Independence Day on June 25

June 25
Federal Republic of Somalia
Independence Day on July 1

June 30
Flag of the Democratic Republic of Congo
Independence Day


May 10
Flag of the European Union
Schuman Day

May 14
Ao Dai Flag
To raise awareness of Human Trafficking

May 17
Transgender Pride Flag & Rainbow Flag
International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia

May 18
Flag of the Republic of Haiti
Flag Day

May 20
Flag of the State of Eritrea
Independence Day

May 24
Royal Union Flag (Union Jack)
Victoria Day

May 25
Flag of Georgia
Independence Day

May 26
Flag of the Argentine Republic
May Revolution

May 27
Period Purse Flag
Menstrual Health Day

May 28
Flag of the Republic of Azerbaijan
Independence Day

May 31
Flag of the Republic of Croatia
Statehood Day


April 1
Holy See Flag
Saint Pope Paul II Day

April 12
Toronto & York Region Labour Council Flag
150th Anniversary

April 15
Flag of the State of Israel
Independence Day

April 19
Sikh Community Flag
Sikh Heritage Month

April 22
St. George’s Flag
St. George’s Day

April 23
Flag of the Republic of Turkey
National Sovereignty and Children’s Day

April 26
Parental Alienation Awareness Flag
Awareness of Parental Alienation

April 30
Vietnamese Heritage and Freedom Flag
Journey to Freedom Day


March 3
Flag of the Republic of Bulgaria
National Day

March 5
Flag of Cornwall
St Piran’s Day

March 6
Toronto Flag
Incorporation of the City of Toronto

March 8
Flag of the Commonwealth of Nations
Commonwealth Day

March 17
Flag of the Republic of Ireland
St. Patrick’s Day

March 23
CUPE Local 79 flag
79th Anniversary

March 25
Flag of the Hellenic Republic (Greece)
Independence Day

March 26
Flag of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh
Independence Day


February 15
National Flag Day
Flag of Canada

February 16
Flag of the Republic of Lithuania
Independence Day

February 24
Flag of the Republic of Estonia
Independence Day

February 26
Flag of the Dominican Republic
Independence Day


January 28
Let’s Talk Flag
To raise awareness of mental health issues