The following is the list of flag raisings for the current term of council, for flags that will be raised on the courtesy flagpole at City Hall, unless otherwise noted.

Please note, ceremony times may be subject to change.


July 1
Canadian Flag
Canada Day Flag Raising

July 13
Flag of Montenegro
Statehood Day

July 14
Flag of the French Republic
National Day

July 28
Flag of the Republic of Peru
Independence Day


June 1
Rainbow Transgender Flag
Pride Month

June 5
Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada
Unplug to Connect Day

June 6
The City of Toronto flag that flew on Juno Beach on April 6, 2019 will be flown today

June 10
Flag of the Republic of Portugal
National Day

June 11
Flag of the Russian Federation
National Day

June 12
Flag of the Republic of the Philippines
National Day

June 24
Italian Republic
Republic Day

June 25
Flag of the Republic of Slovenia
Independence Day

June 26
Federal Republic of Somalia
Independence Day

June 30
Flag of the Democratic Republic of Congo
Independence day


May 15
Transgender Pride Flag & Rainbow Flag
International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia

May 18
Royal Union Flag (Union Jack)
Victoria Day

May 19
Flag of Haiti
Flag Day

May 22
Flag of the Argentine Republic
May Revolution

May 27
Flag of the Republic of Azerbaijan
Independence Day


Flag raisings were suspended from March 18 – May 14


March 2
Flag of the Dominican Republic
Independence Day
Ceremony at 3 pm

March 3
Flag of the Republic of Bulgaria
National Day

March 5
Flag of Cornwall
St Piran’s Day
Ceremony at 10:30 am

March 6
Toronto Flag
Incorporation of the City of Toronto

March 7
Flag of the Republic of Ghana
Independence Day

March 8-17*
Flag of the Republic of Ireland
Irish Heritage and Cultural Appreciation Month
Ceremony at 11 am

March 9
Flag of the Commonwealth of Nations
Commonwealth Day

March 15
Flag of the Republic of Mauritius
Independence Day


February 6 – 7*
Flag of Grenada
Independence Day
Ceremony at 12 p.m.

February 15
Canada Flag
National Flag Day
No ceremony

February 21
Flag of Saint Lucia
Independence Day
Ceremony at 12 p.m.

February 23
Flag of the Republic of Estonia
Independence Day
Ceremony at 11 a.m.


January 23
Baycrest Foundation Flag
To raise awareness of Alzheimer’s

January 29
Let’s Talk Flag
To raise awareness about Mental Health
Ceremony at 1:45 p.m.

*Flags will be flown until date requested, unless another flag raising request is received.