The City of Toronto has four accountability officers, the Auditor General, the Integrity Commissioner, the Ombudsman and the Lobbyist Registrar, that help ensure local government remains open and transparent.

Office of the Auditor General

Pursuant to the City of Toronto Act, 2006, the “Auditor General is appointed to assist City Council in holding itself and its administration accountable for the quality of stewardship over public funds and for the achievement of value for money in City operations.” The Auditor General conducts financial, operational, compliance, information systems, forensic and other special reviews. Download the detailed Budget Analyst Notes for the Office of the Auditor General.

Office of the Integrity Commissioner

The Integrity Commissioner is responsible for providing advice, education, policy recommendations and complaint resolution to City Council, local boards, their members and the public on the application of the City’s Codes of Conduct, bylaws, policies and legislation governing ethical behaviour. Beginning March 1, 2019, the Integrity Commissioner will also be responsible for receiving complaints under the Municipal Conflict of Interest Act (MCIA) and for providing members of Council and local boards with advice about complying with that Act. Download the detailed Budget Analyst Notes for the Office of the Integrity Commissioner.

Ombudsman Toronto

Ombudsman Toronto is an independent and effective voice for fairness at the City of Toronto. It identifies problems, finds practical solutions and makes recommendations for how the City can improve services and administration. Ombudsman Toronto:

  • Listens to the public’s complaints and identify areas of concern
  • Investigates by asking questions, gathering information and analyzing evidence
  • Explores ways to resolve individual cases without taking sides
  • Shines a light on problems, recommend system improvements, show what fair service requires

Download the detailed Budget Analyst Notes for Ombudsman Toronto.

Office of the Lobbyist Registrar

The Office of the Lobbyist Registrar (OLR) regulates lobbying activity in the public interest. The OLR is an independent office of the City and reports directly to City Council. The OLR has a legislative mandate to ensure the public disclosure of lobbying activities and adherence to the Lobbyists’ Code of Conduct. The OLR undertakes three core functions in order to deliver its mandate:

  • Lobbyist Registration
  • Outreach and Education
  • Inquiries, Investigation and Enforcement

Download the detailed Budget Analyst Notes for the Office of the Lobbyist Registrar.