Engineering & Construction Services (ECS) provides specialized engineering design and construction services to internal clients (Toronto Water, Transportation Services, Solid Waste Management Services, and other City Programs and Agencies), and external clients (the development industry, utility companies and other public agencies) creating safe and sustainable municipal infrastructure. ECS delivers the following services:

  • Municipal Infrastructure Construction
  • Engineering Review and Acceptance
  • Engineering Information

Download the Budget Analyst Notes for Engineering & Construction Services for detailed information on service levels, key initiatives, challenges and performance measures. You can also review budget highlights below.

Engineering and Construction Services builds safe and sustainable infrastructure that enhances the quality of life of the people of Toronto, through professionalism in project planning, engineering and project management services, and to be an industry leader in delivering municipal infrastructure engineering services with integrity and pride.

Download the Engineering & Construction Services Program Map to better understand the services and activities it delivers on behalf of the City of Toronto.

Operating Budget

The total cost to deliver these services to Toronto residents is $76.3 million gross and $4.1 million net.


  • 0% Budget increase over the 2018 Approved Net Operating Budget to maintain existing service levels and meet additional service demands.
  • $0.085M Base revenue increase through user fee inflationary increases (Development Application Review Fees).
  • 2020/2021 Increases primarily for known inflationary adjustments for salaries, benefits and contracts.

Key Challenges

  • Managing multi-year construction.
  • Increasing delivery capacity.
  • Ensuring regulatory compliance and best practices.
  • Recruiting and retaining the top calibre talent that is needed in key business areas, due to the highly competitive labour market and which continues to negatively affect the Program’s ability to fully staff its complement.

Priority Actions

  • Continue to enhance planning and coordination of multi-year Capital Program with internal and external stakeholders.
  • Ensure compliance with the new Construction Act, which imposes strict prompt payment timelines, through staff training and updating of operating procedures.
  • Continue and increase vigilance and oversight on construction contracts to address recommendations made in Auditor General’s reports.
  • Develop a strategy to address the chronic inability to recruit and retain top calibre talent due to reduced competitiveness in the employment market through a comprehensive review of salary compensation, which may impact future operating budgets.

Find more information on specific City issues, opportunities and challenges in the briefing notes and reports prepared by City staff. Documents will be posted as they become available

Presentations made to committee and City Council provide an overview of the 2019 City budget. Documents will be posted as they become available.