Exhibition Place provides a diverse venue for major trade shows, public exhibitions, meetings, universities, professional conferences, entertainment, green initiatives and public celebrations through the following services:

  • Exhibitions and Events
  • Conventions, Conferences & Meetings
  • Exhibition Place Asset Management
  • Exhibition Place Parking Access

Exhibition Place has stewardship over 192-acres, with 22 buildings, including nine buildings designated under the Ontario Heritage Act.

Download the detailed Budget Analyst Notes for Exhibition Place. You can also review budget highlights below.

Exhibition Place fosters an inclusive and accessible parkland and a business destination for conventions, exhibitions, entertainment, recreation and sporting events, and public celebrations and in doing this, operate as a self-sustaining and environmentally responsible entity.

View the Exhibition Place Program Map to better understand the services it delivers.

Operating Budget

The total cost to deliver these services to Toronto residents is $56.6 million gross and $($0.2) million net.


  • 6.7% Increase in net revenue over the 2018 Approved Net Operating Budget to maintain existing service levels and meet additional service demands.
  • $0.070M Efficiency savings in salaries and benefits costs as a result of a staff reorganization.
  • 2020/2021 Increases primarily for known inflationary adjustments for salaries, benefits and contracts.

Key Challenges

  • Exhibition Place operates in a very competitive market in Toronto and the surrounding Greater Toronto Area, as it continues to strive to generate new business and to maximize profitability.
  • Growing access and congestion issues in Toronto and immediate area.
  • Changing security issues as a high-profile public venue.
  • Increasing operational costs in order to deliver current service standards.

Priority Actions

  • Develop the Festival Plaza as another central gathering area with funding of $11.740 million recommended in the 10-Year Capital Plan.
  • Address the State of Good Repair Backlog estimated at $24.766 million recommended in the 10-Year Capital Plan with funding of $100.805 million to mitigate the growth in the SOGR backlog.
  • Expand the customer base by appealing to adjacent residential development.
  • Expand Class A convention facilities to meet potential demand.

Capital Budget and Plan

The 10-year Capital Plan is $119.6 million to fund projects that are critical to reducing the state of good repair backlog and improving the services provided to clients and the public on the Exhibition grounds.

Highlights – 1 Year

  • $2.259M Continue the construction of the Beanfield Centre Bridge.
  • $1.500M Begin phase one of a new project to replace the Electrical Underground High Voltage Utilities.
  • $2.970M Support various SOGR projects including the Queen Elizabeth Building; Fire Alarm Systems; Ducts in the Food Building; Enercare Centre Elevator Retrofit; Storm Water Management System; Grounds Security Surveillance System; Carillon Tower Retrofit.

Highlights – 10 Years

  • $1.825M Health & Safety projects to improve security surveillance and manage employee access to the Exhibition Place buildings and grounds.
  • $16.959M Service Improvement projects to include a movable wall in the Enercare centre, development of the festival plaza, construction of the Beanfield Centre Bridge and the relocation of the Greek Gods statues.
  • $100.805M State of Good Repair projects will include replacing roofs, transformers, electrical underground high voltage utilities, chillers, retrofitting elevators, towers, etc.

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