The Information & Technology (I&T) division provides city-wide leadership in modernizing City services through the strategic investment, development and management of the City’s Information Technology (IT) systems including:

  • Driving City business transformation and innovation to improve the service experience associated with the delivery of City programs and services to residents, businesses and visitors including critical business systems delivery and support.
  • Improving the City’s business processes and systems with a focus on opportunities to streamline, integrate and deliver business value to clients and employee productivity solutions that drive service excellence.
  • Ensuring a secure, reliable and high performing technology environment that is modernized and well-positioned to respond to growing business needs and resident demands.

I&T Division has oversight for about 66% of the overall City IT budget (Operating and Capital) and delivers services in partnership with technology teams across City Divisions and select Agencies. Our services include:

  • Business I&T Solutions
  • Computer and Communications Technology Infrastructure
  • Enterprise I&T Planning & Client Services

Download the Budget Analyst Notes for Information and Technology for detailed information on service levels, key initiatives, challenges and performance measures. You can also review budget highlights below.

Changes are driving public expectation for services anytime, anywhere, on any channel and any device. Opportunities exist for the City to use data to improve efficiency and effectiveness across a broad range of government programs and a need to modernize systems to improve cost effectiveness, service performance and usability. With tremendous expectations on City government, the City is working to improve how it deploys new capabilities and solutions.

Download the Information and Technology Program Map to better understand the services and activities I&T delivers on behalf of the City.

Operating Budget

The total cost to deliver these services to Toronto residents is $133.7 million gross and $79.1 million net.


  • 3.0% Budget increase over the 2018 Approved Net Operating Budget to meet additional service demands and fulfill prior year Council approved financial commitments.
  • $2.135M Efficiency savings in rationalization and optimization of I&T assets and costs. This includes $1.3M to be achieved through synergies and savings from consolidating city-wide information technologies.
  • $0.539M New/enhanced funding to improve cyber security measures within the City of Toronto.
  • 2020/2021 Increases primarily for known inflationary adjustments for salaries, benefits and contracts, operating impacts from capital and phased funding for capital positions approved by Council in 2013.

Key Challenges

  • Ability to sustain business solutions due to growing demand for IT.
  • Growing Cyber Security complexity and threat landscape environment with emphasis on digital government.
  • Need to ensure an agile and accelerated IT delivery model.
  • Organizational capacity, business readiness and change management to support City-wide transformation capacity.
  • Sustainability of the City-wide IT reserve for IT lifecycle asset management currently only positioned to sustain 85% of City-wide requirements.
  • Ability to realize City-wide benefits planned for IT capital projects.

Priority Actions

  • Focus on integrated Service Delivery and Digital Enablement.
  • Enhancing IT Cyber-Security Program to respond to security demand.
  • Ensuring effective Program and Project delivery for the City’s 130+ IT projects and modernization initiatives.
  • Optimizing the IT Service and Operating model across the City to realize efficiencies and improve service effectiveness.
  • Delivering support for the City’s 29,000 users, 850+ applications and maintaining the City’s technology infrastructure.
  • Focusing on the development of a Smart City Strategic Framework and Plan.
  • Advancing outcomes associated with modernization, housing, mobility and long-term fiscal sustainability.

Capital Budget and Plan

The 10-year Capital Plan is $428.6 million to support Information and Technology’s objectives to provide and develop City-wide enterprise and divisional business I&T applications, along with an integrated and secure I&T infrastructure, in support of dependable services to City Programs and the Public.

Highlights – 1 Year

  • $15.223M For lifecycle replacement of corporate IT infrastructure, hardware and software.
  • $5.334M To transform specific HR and Payroll business processes that will support the city’s complex needs shared between business owners and stakeholders.
  • $4.034M Will assess various recruitment & job application business processes against the current tool in use on behalf of the City’s divisions.
  • $3.534M Continue funding the Consolidated Data Centre project that will eliminate the need to continue leasing space and provision for smaller City divisions to rationalize into a primary, more resilient site.

Highlights – 10 Years

  • $229.117M State of Good Repair to maintain the City’s technology infrastructure including the network and application systems.
  • $133.297M Growth projects include expanding technology infrastructure and enterprise solution design and implementation as the City prepares for technological changes.
  • $63.056M Service Improvement projects include implementing I&T solutions that will modernize service delivery within the City.
  • $3.113M Legislated projects to ensure compliant with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) and increased legislative requirements for workplace investigations into workplace harassment.

Find more information on specific City issues, opportunities and challenges in the briefing notes and reports prepared by City staff. Documents will be posted as they become available.

Presentations made to committee and City Council provide an overview of the 2019 City budget. Documents will be posted as they become available.