Parking Tags Enforcement and Operations ensures safe and efficient free flow of traffic by responding to city-wide and local neighbourhood parking concerns, seven days a week, 24 hours a day. It collects and processes penalties for issued parking infraction violation notices and administers a two-tier process to adjudicate and resolve parking violation disputes through the following administration:

  • Police Parking Enforcement
  • Revenue Processing
  • Court Services Tribunal Processing
  • Legal Services
  • Parking Tags Revenue

Download the Budget Analyst Notes for Parking Tags Enforcement and Operations for detailed information on service levels, key initiatives, challenges and performance measures. You can also review budget highlights below.

Parking Tags Enforcement and Operations ensures the safe and orderly flow of traffic and regulates parking by enforcing the Parking By-law through the issuance of parking tags to illegally parked vehicles.

Download the Parking Tags Enforcement and Operations Program Map to better understand the services and activities it delivers.

Operating Budget

The total cost to deliver these services to Toronto residents is $71 million gross, and $(42.1) million net.


  • 13.5% Budget decrease over the 2018 Approved Net Operating Budget to maintain existing service levels and provide funding for additional service demands.
  • $3.911M Annualized savings from elimination of POA positions and courtroom costs no longer required.
  • $0.187M Reduction in Premium Pay due to anticipated lower officer court attendance.
  • $0.264M Elimination of rent expense for Hearing/Screening Officers.
  • $3.839M Additional revenues from fee increase for Vehicle Owner/Address Information Search and volume increase.
  • 2020/2021 Increases primarily for known inflationary adjustments for salaries and benefits.

Key Challenges

  • Ensuring that decision documents are being sent within 80 days following the screening request date.
  • The public and some former members of Council have identified that providing in-person screening locations which correspond with former court catchments would increase accessibility for the public.
  • Revenue Services has capital fund identified to replace legacy computer system.
  • On-going support for post-court intervention and records management under the court-based system.
  • Parking Enforcement Unit was understaffed for the entire year. The PEU commenced hiring in May 2018 and met hiring goals in December 2018. Staff attrition and separations continue to be a challenge.
  • Ensuring compliance with the City’s parking bylaws are key to maintaining a safe and efficient flow of traffic. Maintaining sufficient parking enforcement resources requires dedicated hiring and training programs of enforcement officers.

Priority Actions

  • Ensuring timely response to requests for screening reviews, both in person and electronically as well as providing excellent customer service.
  • Court Services has assigned temporary resources and is actively monitoring volumes to address the POA ticket disputes.
  • To improve the effectiveness and efficiency of enforcement activities, a pilot is underway wherein 23 parking enforcement officers were moved to the Service’s facility nearer to the downtown core. This move was made to reduce unproductive travel time by bringing the officer closer to where they enforce in the downtown core.
  • 2019 will see the introduction of photo evidence, which will assist in the resolution of parking violation disputes.
  • Hiring additional enforcement officers in 2019 will ensure effective enforcement levels to maintain compliance.
  • Service levels will be reviewed in 2019 to ensure resources and processes are adequate to meet customer demand and service levels.

Find more information on specific City issues, opportunities and challenges in the briefing notes and reports prepared by City staff. Documents will be posted as they become available.

Presentations made to committee and City Council provide an overview of the 2019 City budget. Documents will be posted as they become available.