Exhibition Place is a diverse venue for major trade and public exhibitions, meetings, conventions, professional sports, entertainment, green technologies, and public celebrations. It hosts more than 350 events annually and attracts more than 5.3 million visitors a year.

Budget Notes

Exhibition Place is an inclusive and accessible parkland and a business destination for conventions, exhibitions, entertainment, recreation and sporting events, and public celebrations and in doing this, operate as a self-sustaining and environmentally responsible entity.

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2018 Budget Summary

The total cost to deliver these services to Toronto residents is $55.110 million gross and $0.150 million net.

Through operational efficiencies and increased revenues, the Agency is able to fully offset its operating costs.

Fast Facts

  • Exhibition Place is Canada’s largest entertainment venue and attracts over 5.5 million visitors a year.
  • 192-acre parkland with 3,002 trees.
  • Host to six of the 10 consumer exhibitions in Canada including the Canadian National Exhibition, Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, Toronto International Boat Show, National Home Show/Canada Blooms, and One-of-a-Kind Craft Show.
  • The Enercare Centre is the largest trade and consumer show facility in Canada and the sixth (6th) largest in North America with over 1.1 million square feet of contiguous space
  • A leader and world-class site for advanced “green” energy technology that was recently awarded a LEED® EB:O&M Gold designation


  • 95% of meetings and events at Exhibition Place occur between September and June each year.
  • Over 88% of waste collected at Exhibition Place is recycled or reused and diverted from landfills.

Key Service Deliverables for 2018

Exhibition Place is Canada’s largest entertainment venue, responsible for managing 192-acre site, for providing inclusive and accessible parkland, and for serving as a destination for entertainment, recreation and sporting events, and public celebrations, while operating as a self-sustaining and environmentally responsible entity.

The 2018 Operating Budget will fund:

  • The Enercare Centre which hosts national and community events, and shows such as the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, Toronto International Boat Show, the National Home Show/Canada Blooms and the One of a Kind Craft Shows.
  • The Beanfield Centre which hosts conventions, conferences and meetings, complementing the event activities at the Enercare Centre by attracting more international conferences, consumer and trade shows, exhibits, and festivals.
  • The development of a ‘green’ promotion strategy both externally and internally; achievement of net energy self-sufficiency; and reduction of the impact of Exhibition operations on all aspects of the environment
  • The sustainment and enhancement of public assets; integration with the surrounding urban fabric; improvement of all forms of transportation needed for the grounds; and the integration between Exhibition Place and Ontario Place.

Our Key Issues and Priority Actions

  • Maintaining Positive Financial Performance: Exhibition Place exists in a competitive market requiring it to operate efficiently and generate new business to maintain positive financial performance
    • The 2018 Operating Budget aims to address budget pressures such as increasing labour costs and utility rates by pursuing the redevelopment and rental of the underutilized buildings and other business opportunities, various service efficiencies and utility savings initiatives.
  • Pursuing Green initiatives to maintain Exhibition Place’s status as a leader in environmentally friendly facilities.
    • Exhibition Place will be introducing and activating a plan to target Net “0” grid supplied electricity use.
  • Maintaining Trade and Consumer Show Business by creating a “self-contained” conference and accommodation space.
    • Facilitating the completion of the sky-bridge from Hotel X to Beanfield Centre.
    • Competing for a whole new segment of conference, meeting and convention business.

2018 Operating Budget Highlights

  • The 2018 Operating Budget for Exhibition Place of $55.1106 million in gross expenditures provides funding for:
    • Conventions, Conferences and Meetings ($4.852 million).
    • Exhibitions and Events ($29.030 million).
    • Exhibition Place Asset Management ($14.962 million).
    • Exhibition Place Parking Access ($2.928 million).
  • The Agency will achieve the budget target of -0% by:
    • Sharing its Corporate Secretary function with the City of Toronto ($0.102 million)
    • Outsourcing Exhibitor Service ($0.235 million)
    • Increasing revenue from Canadian National Exhibition Association ($0.483 million)

Exhibition Place is responsible for the 192-acre site, with an asset value of $819.300 million in historical costs, with 22 buildings, including 9 buildings designated under the Ontario Heritage Act. Many of these buildings have historical and cultural significance and were constructed before modern energy conservation, lighting and heating standards were developed.

The 10-Year Capital Budget and Plan of $107.8 million focuses on maintaining Exhibition Place’s assets in a state of good repair (SOGR) and allocates funding for major projects such as maintenance work and repairs at the Coliseum Complex, Enercare Centre, and Queen Elizabeth Building.

The 10-Year Capital Plan also includes funding for the construction of a sky bridge between the Beanfield Centre (formerly Allstream Centre) and the new hotel on the grounds, which is a key element in the business plan for both the hotel and Beanfield Centre.

Where Does the Money Go?

The 2018 – 2027 Capital Budget and Plan totalling $107.758 million provides funding of:

  • $92.221 million to continue the State of Good Repair projects such as maintenance work at the Coliseum Complex, Enercare Centre, Better Living Centre, Horse Palace, Queen Elizabeth Building, Food Building, Beanfield Centre, General Services, Press and Other Buildings; and replacement of various equipment, road and communication infrastructure
  • $15.184 million to Service Improvements projects such as the construction of a bridge to connect the Hotel X to the Beanfield Centre, stormwater management work for the Parks, Parking Lots and Roads and installation of LED lighting to the Enercare Centre.
  • $0.353 million in a Health and Safety project to improve the security of the grounds and surveillance system.

Where Does the Money Come From?

The 10-Year Capital Plan requires:

  • Debt funding of $104.808 million (97%), reflecting an increase in debt funding of $7.545 million above the 2017-2026 debt funding total to increase investment in Exhibition Place priorities.
  • Other Revenue of $2.950 million (3%) recovered according to the agreement with the tenant of the Food Building.

State of Good Repair Backlog

The 10-Year Capital Plan spending on State of Good Repair is $92.221 million which will help stabilize the backlog at 3.2% of asset replacement value over the 2018-2027 period.

Key Issues and Priority Actions

  • Addressing the State of Good Repair Backlog estimated at $25.860 million is anticipated to grow to $25.865 million by 2026.
    • The 10-Year Capital Plan includes funding of $92.221 million for SOGR funding to mitigate some of the growth in the accumulated backlog primarily for the Enercare Centre and the Coliseum Complex.
  • Resolution of the delay of the Beanfield Centre Bridge as heritage preservation considerations have arisen over the wall where the bridge is to be connected.
    • The 10-Year Capital Plan includes funding of $2.789 million in 2019 for the construction of the bridge connecting the Beanfield Centre and Hotel X.

2018 Capital Budget Highlights

The 2018 Capital Budget for Exhibition Place of $4.465 million, excluding carry forward funding, will fund:

  • State of good repair work for:
    • Enercare Centre Chiller Replacement and Retrofitting of cooling towers ($2.355 million);
    • Restoration of Fire Hall Tower Clock and restoration of Public Art ($0.175 million)
    • Retrofitting of street and parking lots lighting ($0.985 million);
    • Buildings pre-engineering program ($0.125 million)
    • Roof replacement at Exhibit Hall of Queen Elizabeth Building ($.325 million)
    • Replacement of fibre optic cables and Building Automation Systems ($0.400 million)
  • Service Improvements to the Festival Plaza to improve stormwater management ($0.100 million)

Exhibition Place 2018 Budget Infographic
Exhibition Place Infographic