City of Toronto services impact people’s lives every day.

Each time someone visits a park or recreation centre, borrows a book from the library, drinks clean water from the tap, rides the TTC, or has emergency services rush to their aid they are using a City of Toronto service.

In 2018 Toronto City Council approved a tax-supported operating budget of $11.12 billion and a 10-year capital budget and plan of $25.98 billion. These are a few examples of how the City directly impacted people’s lives in 2018.

Download the Children & Youth infographic.

Children’s Services

  • 30,634 fee subsidies delivered to help families with the cost of child care
  • 270 centres offered free drop-in programs to all families with children



Toronto Public Health

  • 157,981 immunization records assessed to reduce the spread of contagious diseases and outbreaks
  • 37,660,348 meals served through the Student Nutrition Program
  • 200,231 children and youth served through the Student Nutrition Program
  • 602 schools served through the Student Nutrition Program

Social Development, Finance & Administration

  • 7,074 youth connected to meaningful employment supports through various youth programs



Download the Housing infographic.

Affordable Housing

  • 1,497 new affordable rentals through the Open Door Affordable Housing Program
  • 372 new affordable homes through the Open Door program
  • 1,046 lower income households assisted with affordable housing, repairs and modifications

Shelter, Support & Housing Administration

  • 25,800 people provided with a safe, indoor, overnight space
  • 8,300 people moved from shelter to permanent housing



Long-Term Care Homes & Services

  • 2,641 people live in long-term care homes receiving 24-hour care



Municipal Licensing & Standards

  • 15,689 investigations to address property standards



Download the Mobility infographic.

Toronto Transit Commission (TTC)

  • 85% of transit ridership
  • 522 million customers carried
  • 4.15 million Wheel-Trans customers carried


Transportation Services (Vision Zero)

  • 459 safety zones implemented making it safer for vulnerable pedestrians
  • 59 new red light cameras
  • 188 watch your speed signs installed to remind drivers to slow down


Facilities (Union Station)

  • 300,000 people travel through daily
  • 80% increase by 2031


Download the People & Neighbourhoods infographic.

Toronto Public Health

  • 30,000+ visits to the supervised injection service
  • 500+ overdoses reversed
  • 10,440 high-risk food premises investigated to ensure compliance with regulations standards


Toronto Employment & Social Services

  • 31,882 clients left Ontario Works for employment or started a job placement
  • 37,500+ Fair Passes distributed



Toronto Public Library

  • 1,000 wifi units to low-income families, enabling home internet access and bridging the digital divide



Social Development, Finance & Administration

  • 4,500 newcomers accessed services




Parks, Forestry & Recreation

  • 120 new park and park improvement projects underway
  • 20,000 new recreation spaces added through the Growth Plan


Download the Safety & Emergency Management infographic.

Toronto Police Service

  • 1.1 million service calls
  • 1,066 firearms seized



Toronto Paramedic Services

  • 330,358 emergency calls (5% increase from 2017)
  • 5,000 residents assessed at Community Paramedic-Led wellness clinics



Toronto Fire Services

  • 132,365 emergencies
  • 303,890 emergency incidents



Office of Emergency Management

  • 73 incident responses
  • 4 activations of the Emergency Operations Centre
  • 15,000 Get Emergency Ready guides distributed through public events and community groups

Download the Sustainability infographic.

Environment & Energy

  • 79 green and cool roofs supported by the City
  • 190,000 residents, businesses and students took part in Clean Toronto Together


Solid Waste

  • 53% residential waste diverted from landfill
  • 801 bikes repaired through Community Reduce & Reuse Programs
  • 3,417 lbs of surplus food redistributed through Community Reduce & Reuse Programs
  • 850 kgs of clothing/textiles diverted through Community Reduce & Reuse Programs

Toronto Water

  • 440.9 billion litres of drinking water treated and tested
  • 60 kms of watermains rehabilitated & replaced
  • 1000s of homes protected through basement flooding prevention


City Planning

  • 6,571 Community Planning, Committee of Adjustment and Heritage applications processed
  • 464 residential projects


Parks, Forestry & Recreation

  • 120,000 trees planted annually
  • 17,000 storm-related service request